Chula Hospital

“Chulalongkorn Hospital Cooperate with KBank And Muang Thai Life Assurance Develops Medical Technology Support Services Launches Chula Care

V-CUBE helps smooth the development of technology. “

Narita Airport Corporation

“In the event of a disaster, V-CUBE Meeting allows for smooth communication between the affected areas and our emergency headquarters, improving the amount and quality of information communicated.

This, in turn accelerates decision-making, which is instrumental when dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.”

Otsuka Corporation

“With V-CUBE Seminar, we’ve established new sales channels with customers whom we had no access to before.

We also want to double the number within a year. For then, we plan to expand and spread the use of web seminar.”

Adecco Ltd

V-CUBE Meeting connects us to our remote offices so it’s used for all kinds of business purposes, from sales meetings to recruitment activities.

For work quality to improve, visual communication that enables face-to-face interaction is needed to form stronger bonds with employees in remote offices.”

East Japan Railway Company

Railway Co., Ltd.

With the introduction of the V-CUBE meeting, we promote workplace not bound by time and place.

V – CUBE meeting is an indispensable tool to realize remote conference and to promote reform of work

Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd.

Through the V-CUBE meeting, we promote information sharing between the head office and the supervisory branch.

We are utilizing the V – CUBE meeting as one of means to spread notifications from the headquarters to general branch offices, branches and employees.

Hiroshi Nippon Life Insurance Company

Remote delivery of new employee training seminar and follow meeting.

As a result of new employee training by the V – CUBE Meeting / V – CUBE Seminar, the number of new agent development cases doubled from the previous year.

Dear Mr. Koriyama city office

Utilize the V – CUBE meeting to strengthen the information communication system and strengthen information gathering in the event of a disaster.

By connecting the headquarters and 14 administrative centers, we promote information communication and information sharing on a daily basis to prepare for the strengthening of information gathering at times such as disasters.

Mr. Camel Coffee Co., Ltd.

With the introduction of the V – CUBE seminar, conference cost was drastically reduced, and the effect of plus alpha appeared.

At the V-CUBE seminar held “representative meeting”, the manager’s thoughts and ideas came to be conveyed to the manager and the staff properly.

Dear Aial Small Short Term Insurance Corporation

Through the V-CUBE seminar, we raise awareness of risks and promote insurance products.

We introduced the V-CUBE seminar as a means to educate risks to real estate owners and distributors nationwide.

Konica Minolta Bizcom Co., Ltd. 
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Co., Ltd.

In addition to onsite seminars, we also use webinar which can also be developed locally.

Doubling the delivery base to increase participants. About 20% of the participants’ business talks occurrence rate 
, conducted a seminar directly linked to the development of new customers.

Prepress Center Co., Ltd.

Solve this with “V-CUBE Meeting” & “V-CUBE Gate”!

Adopted “V-CUBE” web conference and business chat for communication between bases including overseas