Hiroshi Nippon Life Insurance Company

“The merit of being seamlessly usable with a sales management system is great,” Mr. Takahashi

Remote delivery of new employee training seminar and follow meeting.

As a result of new employee training by the V – CUBE Meeting / V – CUBE Seminar, the number of new agent development cases doubled from the previous year.

The Nippon Life Insurance Company was founded in 1822 and reached its 125th anniversary in July, Heisei 20, the number of customers (number of insured persons): 11.55 million, payment of insurance payment: 3,7,782 Billions of yen, total assets: 56,700.7 billion yen (both as of the end of March, Heisei 20). 

From FY 2012 to FY 2006, we are working on the three-year management plan “MIRAI Creation Project” centered on three points: “Increase in sales volume of new contracts”, “Strengthening of financial and payroll base” and “Human resource development” I will.


  • I would like to shorten the period of new employee education and make efforts early.

  • I would like to have a consistent level of proficiency by bringing up a unified training program at nationwide bases.

  • I would like to realize remote location communication as part of company-wide change in way of working.


  • Online seminar for new recruitment training, on-demand delivery of recorded contents.

  • Implementation of remote meeting of follow-up activities of new employees.

  • Promote remote communication at national bases.

Selected requirements

  • There is basic function that remote communication can be executed without problems.

  • Be able to work seamlessly with the sales management system.

  • The operation and support system is sufficient.


  • The number of new agent development cases doubled in comparison with the previous year.

  • Realize level equalization and equalization level of new staff.


We asked Mr. Hirofumi Takahashi, assistant manager of Agency Planning Group of Nippon Life Insurance Company Intermediary Agency Division, in detail about the background, circumstances, utilization status of the introduction of V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar, and future efforts.

Introduce web conferencing service by trial as a part of reform of work way

Please tell me the background of introducing the V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar.

Two issues are solving issues in the agency division and efforts as companywide. 

Our sales structure is mainly a direct sales channel centered on face-to-face and still accounts for 90% of sales. Meanwhile, launch of the agency department falls behind in the industry from 15 years ago. In 2007, we started mid-career recruitment of professional agent development professionals, but the group training was about 2 days, after that OJT at the assignment center was the main focus. The manager who is in charge of education carries out new employee education and management as well as sales activities as a player. There were variations due to individual way of thinking and competence by all means, and it was an issue as a division whether to manage this education training somehow. 

As another company-wide policy, we have started a three-year management plan “MIRAI Creation Project” in April 2012 to ensure that the life insurance company’s social mission is to be fulfilled. As a part of that, we are working on reforming work styles, including improving work efficiency, rewarding early, and enhancing work-life balance. Among them, recruitment of new initiatives is underway, and we have adopted the “system for making meetings anytime, anywhere, using web conferencing services” that this department has applied, in a position of trial, starting with FY2012 became.

Enhancement of support system and collaboration with sales management system

Please tell us the reason why the V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar was introduced as a web conferencing service.

Since we had already introduced a sales management system, we thought that it would be a good idea to use it in cooperation with the system. In fact, when this department is considering introduction as a trial of company-wide efforts, we compare the two companies including the buoy cube and can evaluate the degree of support and seamlessly use the existing sales management system , We decided to introduce the V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar.

In addition, we have created four education and training teams for introduction, examined the contents of education, and used the V-CUBE meeting / V-CUBE seminar.

Training seminar and business follow-up meeting conducted

How do you use the V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar?

First of all, V – CUBE seminar is used for intensive education and training after assignment, V – CUBE meeting is used for meetings to follow business activities for each group of several people.

1. V-CUBE Seminar: Seminar delivery of knowledge-based training

In the group training at the time of joining, I delivered a huge curriculum in seminar form once a week – as a real time seminar over half afternoon. It is set to pace once a week for the half year up to September and once or twice a month from October. 

Actually, though it was a real-time seminar until August, we tackled improvement while consulting with VuiCube because of length of restraint time and so on from September I was able to receive training at any time in on-demand seminar format.

2. V-CUBE Meeting: Sales follow-up meeting for several groups

As a follow-up to sales activities from October, about three new recruits and one education and training member are conducting meetings once or twice a month through a V-CUBE meeting. Based on the data of the sales activity management system, we will report more concrete activity situation and share information, know how other new staff members are active, and also the education and training members will give advice.

The number of new developers dealt with by newcomers doubles compared to the previous year

Please tell me about the introduction effect of V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar.

By implementing a new employee education that had been left to the manager of each base in the past, the department manager can eliminate the burden of new-style education in the knowledge system, and can allocate the resources for sales activities etc. It began. I believe that it was possible to unify the education curriculum that was subject to variations by the department head, to keep the levels of all new staff uniform and to improve the level in a short period of time. Also, regarding the activity actually visiting the agent, the supervisor’s director will be the main guidance, but by doing follow-up to the group of several people once or twice a month, a detailed I can do the guidance as well. 

As a result of this effect, the number of newly developed agencies responsible for new employees has doubled in comparison with the previous year.

Also, in the past, the performance of sales was low for 1 to 2 years, gradually tending to gradually improve from the 3rd year after joining the company, but as I realized the introduction effect this time, the new employee training We plan to shorten the period from 2 years to 1 year, to develop it early, and to improve the performance from the 2nd year.

It leads to utilization of V-CUBE meeting / V-CUBE seminar in each division in the company

Please let us know if you have any requests for V – CUBE Meeting / V – CUBE Seminar and future use of V – CUBE seminar, please contact V – Cube.

The V-CUBE Meeting / V-CUBE Seminar was a trial application only for the agency division at the beginning of the introduction, but at present the utilization and consideration in other departments etc. are expanding. 

New initiatives such as revitalizing communication at remote locations and replacing meetings with V – CUBE meetings on business trips are beginning to be started.

Since the movement of this department is a trial for company-wide development, it is expected that usage will expand in various departments in the future. We are looking forward to the proposal and support of future buoy cubes, including not only the conference but also how to use innovative other companies.

* Coverage Date / November 2014 

* The department in charge described is the organization name at the time of interview.