Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd.

“Ease of use and cost have become the deciding factor for introduction” (Mr. Fujii)

“The more batting of conference reservations, the more V-CUBE meetings are used.” Ms. Takeuchi

The connection within the company got better and information sharing progressed

Through the V-CUBE meeting, we promote information sharing between the head office and the supervisory branch.

We are utilizing the V – CUBE meeting as one of means to spread notifications from the headquarters to general branch offices, branches and employees.

Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd. utilizes the Yamato Group’s nationwide network including Yamato Transport to develop community-based comprehensive life support service business for individuals and corporations, such as relocation, household goods delivery and setting, and goods sale. (Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo)


  • Notice from headquarters did not properly penetrate employees.

  • Notice contents at the center of the sentence was not understood at the glance of the field workers at first glance.


  • Utilizing Web conferencing service for follow-up and penetration of notice content.

  • It is also used for various meetings between head office and general branch office.

  • Added web conference format to meeting staff in charge of department, sales representatives.

Selected requirements

  • User-friendly regardless of user’s IT skill.

  • The introduction cost is inexpensive, and because it is a monthly contract, it can be canceled when it seems that usage frequency is low.


  • The sharing of information within the company has greatly advanced from notice of only sentences.

  • The internal connection improved, the distance between the headquarters and the supervisory branch, the person in charge decreased.


Yamato Home Convenience Co., Ltd. Operation Strategy Department manager Mr. Sousuke Fujii and Mr. Noriko Takeuchi of the same department inquired about details of the introduction and utilization situation of the V-CUBE meeting.

I want to spread notifications from the headquarters to the supervisory branch, branch offices, and employees

Please tell us the issues before introducing the V-CUBE meeting.

Yamato Home Convenience (YHC) Information within the company will be transferred from the headquarters to the supervisory branch and to branch offices. Many of them are mailed to you from the headquarters to the supervisor at the supervisory branch and to the person in charge of the branch office. Some of them were A4 size sheets with only three sentences. When I actually went to a branch office, a notice was printed out on a contact board etc., but employees at a hectic scene were sometimes overlooked, and the content of Circular was not fully penetrated. From the headquarters and the supervisory branch it became a story that “You are not looking at sending notifications?” And I felt it was difficult to make thorough information sharing and business operations as it was.

So, first of all, we changed the rules so that we can devise an easy-to-understand way of writing such as bullets and figures, and upload it to the intranet and post it. I thought that there would not be an effective tool for further penetrating the content rather than ending if posted.

As a result of examining the type of in-house conference, the best way is by web conference

Please tell us the background of introducing the V – CUBE meeting.

We consulted an agent dealing through the IT department and introduced “V-CUBE meeting” which is a cloud-type web conferencing service. There were other suggestions, but most of them were stationary in the conference room and almost all of them were videoconferencing systems. We also considered a conference calling system, but many of them took time and effort to set up and prepare at a high cost, and it was a way that the holding of the conference itself would be a burden. 

In the demonstration demonstration of the V-CUBE meeting, we asked the accounting officer and the general affairs personnel to participate, and in the form of involving the company, we set the path to introduction.

Also, prior to this introduction, we investigated what type of conference many people have in the company. As a result, it was found that there were many conferences where 4 to 5 people gathered together and made a meeting.

It was conclusion that the web conference style which can be started easily, and the meeting which can see by looking at the other ‘s face is suitable.

Please tell us the deciding factors for introducing the V-CUBE meeting.

It is again convenience and cost. In terms of usability, some employees who use web conferencing are not high in IT skills, so it is important that anyone can easily participate and have a meeting. 

In terms of cost, in addition to being inexpensive in introducing cost, we will present to the president “If we fail, such cost can be stopped immediately on a monthly basis and it can be stopped immediately”, and in the head office in October 2012 And implementation at the general branch has been realized. 

The president took advantage of the V – CUBE meeting at the income and expenditure meeting, etc. immediately after the introduction, it became the best follower of this tool.

Various regular meetings, inter-representative conferences, use in notification follow-up

How do you use the V-CUBE meeting now?

Various regular meetings and meetings as necessary are carried out about 5 to 15 times a month, 5 to 15 persons per meeting, and 5 to 10 bases are connected. 

In addition, the “balance of payment meeting” conducted by the headquarters and general managerial branch managers is held every week, and each person in charge is also involved. As a consequence of this meeting, meetings between supervisory branches came to be held from time to time.

Initially, as for the penetration of Circular which I was thinking as a task, I decided to indicate “Whether or not to hold a Web conference” at the end of the notice document. Even if it is “without holding”, if we feel confirmed the details of the order and feel it is difficult to understand, we will encourage the person in charge to explain to the supervising branch using the web conference , I think that it helps to spread the notice.

In addition, there are frequent workshops including headquarters, general branch offices and labor unions to review the system, new product development conferences and personnel meetings, etc. through the V-CUBE meeting. 

However, I think that there is still more to be done in terms of the follow-up of the \ N ordinary course that was the original purpose.

The connection within the company got better and information sharing progressed

Please tell us the effect of introducing the V-CUBE meeting.

More than anything, the internal connection has improved. It is possible to share information even at the head office and supervisory branch and headquarters, so that we can see much more what we are doing each other. Also, from the general manager’s point of view, I did not understand the person in charge at the headquarters in the past and had few opportunities to feel humanity, but I think that the distance has shrunk by speaking while looking at the face at the V-CUBE meeting .

Also, as the effect of introducing the V – CUBE meeting, we calculate the transportation cost when assuming that the web conference was held as a real meeting. On the calculation, transportation expenses of 10 million yen or more could be reduced in April – November 2013. It will also be possible to devote it to actions that will further improve operational efficiency, so we can expect the effects derived from cost reduction in the future.

Expecting new proposals when introducing to branch offices

Please tell us about the schedule of future use of V-CUBE meeting.

In the future I am thinking about deploying to branch offices, but since the delivery drivers etc. are mostly composed of the branch offices, I think that a more convenient system that can participate in the conference with one button is required. In addition, since it is only necessary to send an invitation URL for participating in the web conference by e-mail, a system that can communicate with a specialized company or specialized agency outside the company through a V-CUBE meeting can also be assumed and it is thought that it can be utilized in product development etc. It is. 

I look forward to various proposals in the future.

※ Coverage date and time December 2013 

※ The department in charge is the organization name at the time of interview.