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Mr. Kitamura “Usability, Web-based operation, conference room system deciding factor”

“In the maintenance and construction department, we use a V-CUBE meeting like a meeting desk,” Mr. Miyagi

Construction site of “Azuma line partial replacement construction”

With the introduction of the V-CUBE meeting, we promote workplace not bound by time and place.

V – CUBE meeting is an indispensable tool to realize remote conference and to promote reform of work

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) covers a wide area from the Kanto, Koushin’etsu to the Tohoku area, operating kilometers are 69 kilometers long and 7,474.2 kilometers long, with 17.1 million passengers on the day doing. The business contents expand not only the passenger railway business, but also a wide range of service business such as travel industry and retail industry. Recently, we are actively promoting overseas development, and we are also participating in the purple line which is the urban railway line under construction in Bangkok, Thailand. style.


  • Toward the realization of “work style reform” listed in the group management plan, a communication environment not limited to place was sought.

  • The head office and the branch office were separated from each other in a wide range of sales areas, and it took time for the meeting to travel.

  • Meeting with a partner company responsible for maintenance and construction often uses telephone and fax, and there was temporal and spatial restrictions on communication.

  • When construction or trouble (trouble) occurred, it was only necessary to use a camera of a digital camera or a mobile phone to grasp the situation on the site, which took much labor and time.


  • We hold conferences between headquarters, branch offices and branch offices as a remote conference without business trips.

  • It is utilized for communication in each process such as maintenance consultation before construction, security confirmation in the middle of construction and after completion. (Example: Progress management relaying countermeasures headquarters and construction site in large-scale line change work)

  • Provide a quick grasp of the local situation at the time of failure and provide advice.

Selected requirements

  • Approximately 60,000 employees can be used by anyone.

  • Low cost, easy to introduce.

  • The operation and support system is sufficient.


  • The time to move for the meeting is reduced, and the manner in which employees work is changed.

  • In maintenance and construction, we were able to make a wide range of uses, such as making meetings while watching actual shop floor situation, sharing site situation among stakeholders, and became an indispensable infrastructure tool to pursue safety.


East Japan Railway Company Railway Co., Ltd. General Planning Division System Planning Department System Planning Department Infrastructure Plan Group Leader Mr. Tomo Kitamura and Mr. Keisuke Miyagi of the same group were asked in detail about the background of the introduction of the V-CUBE meeting, the situation of utilization, and future efforts.

To realize a duty style not to choose a work place

Please tell me the background of introducing the V-CUBE meeting.

JR East is aiming for sustainable social responsibility and sustainable growth of the group as a “trusted life service creation group” with the “Group management concept Ⅴ (Five) ~ unlimited advance” from 2012. . As part of that effort, we are working on “creating a corporate culture that extends people and make the most of people,” and is working to improve work style and improve organizational efficiency.

Among those efforts, the realization of a work style that is independent of the work place is mentioned, and if remote communication using the web conference service is used, it is possible to change the work style and reduce the time and cost required for the meeting I thought whether it was effective. 
A considerable number of meetings are held not only inside or outside the company, such as meetings held at headquarters and branch offices throughout the East Japan area. In addition to the time loss and costs gathered at one place to carry out the conference as well as the problem that the meeting place is always crowded due to the concentration of the conference, there was a need for a work style not to be confined to the place .

User-friendly operation that can be operated on the Web base

Please tell me why you chose V-CUBE meeting.

We compared eight systems including V-CUBE meeting. We decided to introduce the V-CUBE meeting by comprehensively judging usability from test operation, cost, license form, security, tablet correspondence, support system and so on.

I think that the best reason for introduction is its ease of use. In the case of our company, V-CUBE meeting which can be operated on a Web basis without installing is optimal, as it is basically prohibited to add additional software to the PC terminal by security policy. Also, because there are a large number of employees, we did not charge for each ID, but billing per conference room was the most consistent with our current situation even from a cost perspective.

How are you currently using V-CUBE meetings?

In addition to usual in-house conference / inter-base conference usage, we also use it for maintenance and construction site and head office communication. 
In a regular conference, we have held meetings conventionally gathered from headquarters from each branch office, conferences gathered at each department within branch office, conference between branch offices through V-CUBE meeting. Currently, we are aggressively expanding overseas and are also used for meetings with overseas bases such as London, Paris and Thailand.

In the maintenance department in charge of maintenance and construction, it is necessary to discuss with security partners who are actually in charge of construction such as security consultation, construction confirmation, buried object confirmation, etc. frequently. Since April 2014, we have paid 14,000 tablet terminals to this division and promoted the utilization on site.

Previously, meeting based on fax or e-mail, face-to-face or telephone conference was able to be carried out remotely by the V-CUBE meeting in a manner comparable to face-to-face. Also, in the past, in order to make a meeting, the person in charge had to return to the office or the company, but by using the tablet it became possible to discuss while checking the situation on the spot It was.

Use V-CUBE Meeting more than 25 times a day on average

Please tell me about the introduction effect of the V-CUBE meeting.

Depending on the time, on average, the V – CUBE meeting is used about 25 times a day.

Traditionally, at a regular conference, department heads gathered at the headquarters to attend the conference, bring home the contents of the conference back to the branch office, but by using the V-CUBE meeting, It is now possible to expand and share it. From the viewpoint of work style reform, I feel that the way of work that is not bound by time and space is promoted and the way of work is changing. At the same time, the fact that the costs and temporal restraint on the conference have been reduced also has a positive effect.

In the business department, we use the V-CUBE meeting like a meeting desk. Not only planning to set up meetings but also how to use the currently available conference rooms to make arrangements immediately is spreading. Particularly, in large-scale switching work, the method of collecting information at the headquarters changed dramatically by utilizing the V-CUBE meeting.

With large-scale switchover work, we 
will connect the headquarters and the construction site at the V-CUBE meeting

Please tell us more about the point of connection between the headquarters and the construction site.

In a recent example, “Seijin Line partial replacement work” carried out on September 24, 2014 is a large-scale work of replacing the 10.4 Km railroad from Iwashima station of JR Agatsuma Line to Nagano Kogenjyuguchi Station did. 
In this construction work, the headquarters was able to confirm the progress situation while watching the video of the construction site using the V-CUBE meeting. At this time, I use the V-CUBE meeting for 1314 minutes continuously.

Until now, the headquarters in charge has grasped the progress of the construction using the phone call with the construction site and the progress table. This time, it was very effective because we were able to share the video with the countermeasure headquarters from the construction site at the tablet and proceed with visual check of the actual progress of the construction work. I feel that the headquarters has become functional in its original meaning of accurately grasping the local conditions.

Previously, we installed a camera and relayed from the worksite, but it was necessary to arrange equipment, set up and secure personnel in advance, so the burden was large. Now it can be live broadcast by the staff’s tablet, so it can be said that it is a simple and reliable method. Even if the construction site becomes more than one place, the same correspondence can be done, and in the measures headquarters, all the construction sites can be grasped through the V – CUBE meeting. 
We assume that V-CUBE meeting can be utilized in the same way even in the same construction work to be carried out in the future.

V-CUBE meeting which spread widely both in Japan and overseas

Please let us know if you plan to utilize the V-CUBE meeting in the future, and have a request to the V- Cube.

Although use is progressing, I think that there is still room for utilization. There are a lot of employees who have never used it, so I would like to promote it so that they can use it more and more. In addition, in the maintenance and construction division, in addition to the above-mentioned usage law, the range of application is expanded also in response to emergency response such as disasters, promotion of information sharing, and exchange with overseas expansion aggressively proceeding I think that it will go. 
We are hoping for suggestions such as hints for support and new application methods in the future in the VuCube.

* Coverage Date / November 2014 
* The department in charge described is the organization name at the time of interview.