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“It’s fast to reconnect to the conference, and we have a wealth of achievements.” Mr. Nibei

Utilize the V – CUBE meeting to strengthen the information communication system and strengthen information gathering in the event of a disaster.

By connecting the headquarters and 14 administrative centers, we promote information communication and information sharing on a daily basis to prepare for the strengthening of information gathering at times such as disasters.

Koriyama city is located in the middle of the entrance of Michinoku – Fukushima Prefecture, in the north is the best peak of the Ou Mountain Range “Adatara Mt. In the east are mountains of the Abukuma mountain range. And to the west is “Tohoku Ikuyo” which boasts the size of Tohoku-1 (the nation’s fourth largest) and displays the boss of “Bandai” on the lake. And, in the city area “Abukuma river” flows steadily. Surrounded by rich moisture and surrounded by beautiful greenery, the north and south connect the “Tohoku and the Kanto”, and the east and west are the bases of the population of about 330,000 people in the southern Tohoku city, which is a key hub of transportation connecting the Pacific and the Japan Sea.


  • It was necessary to strengthen the information communication system at the main office and administrative center (14 places).

  • I was looking for a tool to enhance information sharing in the event of a disaster.


  • Utilizing Web conferencing service for the meeting between the head office and the administrative center president.

  • Usage between the main office and the administrative center, various administrative centers in various meetings.

  • We are also considering using web conferences at meetings with other municipalities and ministries and agencies.

Selected requirements

  • Being an ASP service.

  • It is also possible to participate in the conference from the tablet terminal. (Assistance to Three Currentism)

  • Easy to log in to the service, easy to use operation by anyone.

  • A maximum of 30 remote conferences can be held.

  • Fast reconnection time to Web conference, and installation result.


  • The stagnation of administrative processing when center director participated in various meetings and was absent was resolved.

  • Information sharing between the headquarters and all the administrative centers as well as between persons in charge advanced at a stroke.


We asked Mr. Hiroyuki Nibei of Koriyama City Hall Social Media Promotion Division in detail about the background, background, usage situation and future of V-CUBE meeting introduction.

Strengthening the information communication system with the foreign institution and efforts to strengthen information collection at the time of disaster

Please tell us about the background of introducing V-CUBE meeting

We have been looking for tools to strengthen the information communication system between the city hall headquarters and the administrative center and other agencies, and to strengthen the information gathering at times of disasters. Koriyama city is about 60 Km in the east and west and 15 to 16 Km in the north and south, with the main office and 14 administrative centers dotted in it. For example, there is a big difference in snowfall amount in the east and west, even in the way of snowfall. I thought that such information was necessary not only for telephone communication but also for tools that can be shared throughout.

The reason why the introduction of Web conferencing service became materialized was Mayor Shinagawa Mayor assumed office in April 2013, as one of the policies, there was a background that raised “problem solving ability in administrative center”. The attention to “Web conference” has increased as a tool to realize it. The mechanism of the Web conference itself has been on the agenda as a staff proposal before that. That’s because we introduced “self-serve server type video conference system” for about 5 years since 2001. However, it was difficult to set up the meeting and prepare in advance, it was troublesome, and it was not gradually used. Looking back now and thinking about it, it may be because the introduction timing was too early, but we felt the necessity of a mechanism to replace it based on the mayor’s policy policy.

Opening ceremony was implemented and “full scale operation” started

How do you currently use the V-CUBE meeting

We introduced the V-CUBE meeting in October 2013, passed the pilot operation for about two months, opened the opening ceremony on December 25 and started full-scale introduction. The ceremony was carried out by connecting the tablet simultaneously from the Abukumagawa river bed with the cooperation between the headquarters and 14 administrative centers, and the Fukushima River National Route Administration Office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. On the 26th, as a memorial seminar, the mayor of Takeo Saga Prefecture · mayor Hiroshi Hintari and mayor of Shinagawa interviewed using a V-CUBE meeting. In addition to this, it has been utilized for live broadcasting at the time of the president’s meeting held at the administrative center, and at the time of the entire agency event such as a wage-fulfilling ceremony and a start-up ceremony, the administrative center officials who are not attending the mayor etc etc Etc., we are working on verifying the method of utilization such as making a great effect on information sharing etc. Currently, I believe that getting used to using V – CUBE meetings is the period of being widely utilized with free ideas as a first step. 

From FY 2014, in addition to utilization at the regular meeting such as the administrative center president’s meeting, how to utilize the operations that the administrative center centered on, in cooperation with the headquarters, to diversify the operation style I am planning to work on it.

Please tell us the requirements for V-CUBE meeting introduction

When considering the introduction, the following requirements were raised.

  • Being an ASP service

  • It is also possible to participate in the conference from the tablet terminal

  • Easy login to service, easy to use operation for anyone

  • A maximum of 30 remote conferences can be held

In the examination, we got a proposal from four companies including the buoy cube, actually using all the systems, compared sufficiently, we decided to introduce the V-CUBE meeting.

It is decided that “the reconnection time to the conference is early”

Please tell us the deciding factors for introducing the V-CUBE meeting

The deciding factor for the introduction was that, in addition to meeting the above four requirements, “The reconnection time to the conference was early” was decisive. Since introducing “information sharing at the time of disaster” was also taken into consideration, we believe that using the tablet at the work site is indispensable. If for some reason the network connection with the web conferencing service was broken, only V-CUBE meeting was able to reconnect quickly with a simple operation.

How about costs?

The V – CUBE meeting was not the lowest cost. Although there was a more inexpensive system when comparing only on cost alone, in addition to the functional requirement too, the part which was not accompanied by introduction results was a big uneasiness factor. 

In that respect, the V-CUBE meeting had a balanced function requirement and a wealth of introduction experience, and there was a sense of security. Although we did not mention in the four functional requirements, the introduction record was an important selection point.

Information processing has progressed without stopping administrative processing

Please tell us the effect after introducing the V-CUBE meeting

The administrative center president ‘s meeting was previously held by all members gathered at the head office. Meanwhile, at each center the director became “absent”, and the administrative process was sometimes stalled. Travel time for participation in the meeting of one and a half hours to two hours by round trip disappeared, and the stagnation of administrative processing for several hours was solved.

Also, in the event of a disaster, etc., the center representative and the staff in charge of headquarters were exchanging the formerly by phone call. By using the V-CUBE meeting, the center and all the centers can share various information in real time It began. Since we can actually see local photos and images, we feel that information sharing has progressed considerably in terms of disaster countermeasures.

Currently, one of the reasons that we mainly use and get used to it is that it is important to predict when it will happen, predict when it will happen, in anticipation of use at times of disasters, regular use from everyday, And from the idea.

Cooperation between the headquarters and the administrative center, plans to introduce services to citizens

Please tell me about the future plan of utilizing the V – CUBE meeting

In the future we plan to move forward with cooperation between the headquarters and administrative center, and utilization among staff in charge. In addition, meeting with other municipalities and ministries and agencies is also a direction to utilize the V – CUBE meeting if there is an environment where the other side can participate in the web conference. Ultimately, we believe that through the V-CUBE meeting with the citizens who came to the center for notification etc., the personnel in charge of the headquarters can make arrangements. To that end, I think that it will be necessary to devise a practical operation and make a manual, but I am considering asking from time to time as there is support for such operation on the support menu of VuCube.

※ Gathering date and time March 2014 

※ The department in charge described is the organization name at the time of interview.