Internal video distribution platform

What is Qumu?

Qumu is a video distribution platform for businesses that can create, manage, and distribute videos.

Videos are more “communicative” and “memorable” than text. Why not incorporate it easily with Qumu and utilize it for internal information sharing, training, and communication?

Why choose Qumu?

Easy and intuitive video creation

Easy and intuitive video creation and editing tools

You can easily create slide-linked content, insert and trim subtitles, cut and rearrange videos, etc. without using any other software, just Qumu.

Easy-to-use video portal

You can build a video portal site where you can easily and efficiently search for and watch desired videos. Comment, favorite, and like! It is also equipped with interactive communication tools such as.

Good security settings

Good security settings

Viewing restrictions by department/group, ID/password authentication, password input during playback, IP address restrictions, etc. You can set multiple security combinations for each video.

Optimal video distribution

Adaptive bitrate automatically selects and delivers the optimal video according to the viewer’s environment (communication status). In addition, it is distributed from an in-house cache server, reducing the load on Internet traffic.

Also compatible with live streaming

Qumu is not just for video sharing. “Security” provides peace of mind for internal distribution, which often handles confidential information. The “cache server function” enables stable distribution even when many people are watching at the same time in an office. Live streaming that takes advantage of these features is also possible.

Automatic distribution of recorded data using Zoom

Record web conferences on Zoom and automatically distribute them on Qumu. There is no need to upload, and the rich search function expands the range of usage. You can also live stream Zoom meetings with Qumu.

The smartest, most measurable and expandable video platform on the market today

How Smart Video Works

Top brands use Qumu for enterprise video

With Qumu, high-performing companies use smarter video to support secure video in the enterprise