V-CUBE empowers your organization with ‘Visual’ communication; bringing communication solutions that fit the needs and nature of your organization.

V-CUBE provides you ‘visual’ communication for your various business or learning needs. V-CUBE not only provides Web/TV conferencing services, but also services that match the communication styles for remote learning (e-learning), company training/human resource development, customer support etc. Please discuss with us about your problems that could not be resolved with other companies’ services. By providing an environment that is available ‘anytime, anywhere, anybody’, information and cost can be ‘visualized’. Moreover, the service also enables the feelings of other conference participants to be conveyed.

Realize work style reform through visual communication

We will change Japan by supporting telework with bu-cube services such as web conferences, web seminars, video conferences, and business chats.


learning management system (LMS) that has incorporated the virtual online platform for training and learning purposes.


Safe, secure and high quality. Web conferencing standards


Expand seminars, training, and information sessions. Web seminar (online seminar) is the best


All-in-one internet web conferencing solution with a variety of V-CUBE services in one package


Simple business communication system But works perfectly Text chat that is suitable for corporate use.


With this service, you can set up video or web conferencing on a private server, change logos, and change designs.

Drive Engagement and Enhance the User Experience
Easily add special effects to real-time videos and livestreams

Sensyn Robotics supports enterprises and municipals with industrial drone utilization

Cloud-type video distribution service with optimal functions for business video utilization

this is an online event platform where you can ask individual questions and discuss business with participants.
Like a traditional real event.

Vcube service selected by more than 5,000 companies