Dear Aial Small Short Term Insurance Corporation

Iron small amount short-term insurance company is registered as a small amount short-term insurance industry on January 23, 2009. With three pillars of medical insurance, household property insurance, rental housing management insurance, development of the original insurance product which is the company’s management concept We provide a wide range of insurance products born by (Head Office: Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

“Web seminar was judged to be optimal for the enlightenment of risk for nationals” (President Ando)

“I got a response that I was very good from those who watched.” Ms. Nagakura

Through the V-CUBE seminar, we raise awareness of risks and promote insurance products.

We introduced the V-CUBE seminar as a means to educate risks to real estate owners and distributors nationwide.


  • Cost performance is bad for seminars that are held with the venue borrowed.

  • It is impossible to hold seminars across the country even though there are people who want to receive seminars and customers want to know the service nationwide.


  • Enlightenment of the risks targeted by insurance products.

  • Promotion of insurance products.

  • Acquisition of new customers, distributors.

Selected requirements

  • To be able to implement Web seminars as soon as possible.

  • Being cheaper than seminars with borrowing the venue.

  • Results of introduction to many companies.


  • We were able to raise awareness of the risks targeted by insurance products towards Japan all over the country.

  • In the future, I would like to implement web seminars for resellers.


Mr. Katsuyuki Ando President, Minority Short-term Insurance Co., Ltd., Mr. Miyuki Nagakura, Sales Headquarters Chief Manager, Mr. Masaki Nagakura asked Mr. Masaki Nagakura about the details of the introduction and utilization of the V-CUBE seminar.

Develop original insurance for specific markets such as specific companies and organizations

Please tell me about AIRL small amount short term insurance company.

A small amount short-term insurance company is an insurance company that can handle only insurance with a short compensation period with a small compensation amount in a new business from April 2006. Unlike traditional insurance companies, it deals with both life insurance and property insurance I will.

The characteristics of the small amount of short-term insurance are in the development of original insurance for specific markets such as specific companies and organizations etc. In the case of a small short-term insurance company, in many cases, only one or two kinds of products are handled We handle 4 kinds of insurance with 3 pillars of medical insurance, household property insurance, rental housing management cost insurance.

One such item is “an amulet without relatives” for landlord owners and managers of rental housing.This insurance has no insurance from real estate officials three years ago from the problem of solitary death and the problem of the nightlife I began developing with consultation saying that it will manage somehow, because it has accidentality about lonely death, it will be established as an insurance product.If you research it, you know about this problem in an aging society There was a lot of reaction that we could not say, there was insurance if there was insurance.Therefore, we developed insurance products and started selling in August 2011

I would like to conduct seminars for real estate owners and distributors nationwide

Please tell us the issues before introducing V-CUBE seminar.

In the beginning, I made a brochure to introduce about “amulets of unrelated society” and advertised it to the real estate owner, but it was not possible to recognize it as insurance quite easily only with the new contents of the insurance However, real estate management company with daily relationship with real estate owner got the response that we want to sell to real estate owner.

So we changed the content of the advertisement not to explain as insurance products but to introduce what kind of risk exists and changed the real estate owner to feel that there is a risk. In addition to creating and advertising in professional magazines, I thought that it is important to communicate directly to educate risks, and we held a seminar.

We held a seminar of 80 people, but it was very difficult to select from the selection of the venue, management of the day, etc. Moreover, it is limited to those who can come to the venue to listen to the story.On the whole of Japan real estate There are owners and people who want insurance in the whole country.The seminar at the actual venue felt cost performance is bad.

Please tell us the circumstances of V – CUBE seminar introduction and the deciding factor of introduction.

It was a V – CUBE seminar that was introduced when I thought that it would be difficult to enlighten the company nationwide, somehow.

It was a service that we were hoping for, we could host web seminars for the whole country, only the part concerning the amount actually negotiated, it was the first trial, the thing in mind was borrowing the venue It was the amount of money when carrying out the seminar.In addition, it was confirmed that abundance of other companies’ use records resulted in a sense of security.

Since I thought that we would like to carry out as soon as possible after the amount of money was reached, I decided to introduce the V – CUBE seminar without any particular comparison with other companies’ systems.

The first webinar for small-value short-term insurance industry

Please tell us about the introduction effect of V-CUBE seminar.

The announcement of holding web seminars was done at multiple portal sites for real estate owners, mail magazines issued by industry papers and distributors, making it a style that anyone can see.

I have received a response that I was very good from those who watched, but I have not completed a complete analysis yet I can not make a decision about the effect.What was the announcement period until the web seminar was appropriate, In addition, we would like to further analyze further, such as whether the day and time of the seminar was appropriate.

Since it is still a new product, there are aspects that insurance recognition does not catch up, so I think that risk awareness activities and promotion are indispensable in the future.

It seems that this time the first web seminar in the small-amount short-term insurance industry was attracting attention from the industry.

Consider web seminars for sales agents nationwide

Please tell us about the future plan of utilizing the V – CUBE seminar.

We are considering implementing Web seminars to explain insurance products and educate risks to sales agents nationwide.We have widely covered subjects in the last time but we are planning to develop in targeted focus. It would be nice if we could collect information that would be helpful for distributors and be one way to deliver them.

Please let us know if you have any expectation for VuCube.

Since there are parts that we do not understand alone about the propaganda strategy that uses the new Web and how to do it, I would like to teach you variously and I also expect new proposals.

※ Coverage date and time November 2013 
※ The department in charge is the organization name at the time of interview.