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Camel Coffee Co., Ltd. was founded in 1977 as a roasting business to wholes coffee beans into cafes. In 1986, as the retail shop of coffee beans, imported foods and alcoholic beverages, we opened the first store of Kaldy Coffee Farm, and now we are developing 341 domestic stores (as of August 2014), yearly We are planning to continue opening stores at 30 store paces. In addition, we are also engaged in the wholesale of coffee beans, commercial foods, alcoholic beverages, eating and drinking establishments (restaurant and cafe), and online shop which have been continuing since our foundation.

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“The ability to join from the iPad has become a decisive factor,” Mr. Yoshida

With the introduction of the V – CUBE seminar, conference cost was drastically reduced, and the effect of plus alpha appeared.

At the V-CUBE seminar held “representative meeting”, the manager’s thoughts and ideas came to be conveyed to the manager and the staff properly.


  • The cost of travel accompanying the holding of the representative meeting and the trouble of securing the venue were burdensome.

  • Due to the use of conference rooms in public facilities, the schedule could not be controlled by the company.


  • “Representative Meeting” held about once a month for about 3 hours.

  • The recorded data can be browsed, and members who could not participate view later.

  • Product seminars, educational training, internal briefing sessions and utilization expanded.

Selected requirements

  • Participation on iPad is possible.

  • It is possible to start with a low budget by utilizing its own IT assets.

  • Must be a service specialized for online communication.

  • The minimum necessary functions for online communication were covered.


  • Reduction of travel costs and venue costs accompanying the conference, and reduction of time cost of holding the venue.

  • The restraint time of participants was shortened, and the effective use of time became possible.

  • Utilizing the recorded data, the thoughts and thoughts of management have been properly conveyed even to the staff.


We asked Mr. Reiji Yoshida, Director of Information System Division, Camel Co, Inc. in detail about the background of the introduction of V-CUBE seminar, usage situation, introduction effect, and future efforts.

“Representative Meeting” held through V-CUBE seminar

How are you currently using the V-CUBE seminar?

We introduce the V-CUBE seminar in May 2013 and hold “representative meeting” held once a month through V-CUBE seminar. The representative meeting was an area manager meeting nationwide, and before the introduction, we actually gathered in Tokyo and held a meeting. Currently, only Kanto area managers gather in Tokyo, and managers of Hokkaido, Sendai, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka are participating in the representative meeting at the nearest branch office. 
In addition to the representative meeting, there are increasing cases of using the V-CUBE seminar as a training course for new handled items such as wine and cheese.

V-CUBE seminar that matched the way we operate the meeting, facilities and network infrastructure

Please tell us the issues before introducing V-CUBE seminar.

The representative meeting is a meeting for area managers overseeing 5 to 10 stores. About 70 people from all over the country gathered in Tokyo before, and when the participants on the head office side also joined together, it was a meeting for 100 people. Naturally, business trip expenses were a big burden. Also, because there is not a large conference room inside the company, we rented a meeting room in Setagaya Ward every time. However, since it is a public facility, there was a problem that the application was a lottery by going out, there were times when it was lost from the lottery, and it was difficult to confirm the schedule. In other words, due to problems such as increased traveling expenses for traveling to attend meetings, difficulty in booking room reservations and schedule confirmation, we decided to consider introducing a web conferencing system that gathers at the head office and each branch office and remotely connect the bases It was.

Please tell me the reason why the V – CUBE seminar was introduced.

We compared several web conferencing systems and TV conference systems, etc. from the viewpoint of introduction from intelligence and Internet search, etc. in terms of cost, support system, whether additional equipment is necessary or not. Among them, it was V-CUBE seminar of web seminar service, not V-CUBE meeting of web conferencing service, matching the company’s representative meeting management method, equipment and network infrastructure. 
The deciding factors for introduction are as follows.

1. Responded to iPad from the time of consideration

I lent iPad to the area manager, so it was essential to be able to participate from the iPad.

2. To be able to make effective use of its own IT assets and to start small with low budget

We evaluated reasonable points that we do not need special equipment and equipment and that there is little fluctuation in billing due to the number of participants.

3. Providing specialized services for seminar format

Because our representative meeting is focused not on the style of participants discussing, but from the management, it was optimal to provide services specialized in seminar format.

4. The good usability and required functions were covered

The functions I thought that I wanted such a function were almost covered, and the screen composition was simple and the usability was good. Sometimes 97% of our employees are female, and simple and easy to use is the adoption criteria.

Travel travel expenses 40% reduction, venue cost to zero

Please tell me the effect of introducing V-CUBE seminar.

First, regarding business trip expenses, those that cost 700,000 yen to 1 million yen per holding were reduced by about 40%. As for the conference room as well, it became possible to respond in the meeting room in the company, the problem of securing the venue was also solved, and the venue expenses became zero. 
Participating managers have been detained for business trips for one to two days on business trips, which is almost half a day restraint so that time can be effectively utilized. 
Previously, paper-based materials were distributed, but now I think that it is becoming easier to understand by displaying materials on the whiteboard. 
Since the recorded data can be viewed for approximately one month after the representative meeting is over, you can view the manager who could not participate later. Moreover, it is also used newly by utilizing it.

How is it utilized?

One is a case where the participating manager looks back. By checking again, I became able to realize what I had missed at the time of meeting and understand the contents more deeply. In addition, the manager must take the meeting and need to tell the manager of the jurisdiction store, but the details of the transmission are transmitted more accurately. 
In addition, regarding the necessary parts, the director of the store and others got to see the recording directly, so the idea of ​​the upper part became transmitted more directly.

The management’s idea came to be properly conveyed

Please rate the V – CUBE seminar.

The original purpose was to reduce travel costs and secure the venue, but this was achieved at the same time as introducing the V – CUBE seminar. 
As an unexpected effect, by using the recorded data, the manager can properly convey the ideas and thoughts of the upper part to the store manager, the store staff, and others. It became possible to do the part which was not done until now. We evaluate it as the greatest effect of introducing the V-CUBE seminar.

Expecting advice on operation and proposing new application method

Please let us know if there is a request for V-CUBE seminar.

The range of using seminars and educational seminars that I talked earlier, internal briefing sessions and usage are expanding. In addition, some needs have arisen to have meetings directly between bases, so it may be necessary to consider the V – CUBE meeting. 
Most of the cases are implemented in the buy cube at the stage of requesting whether such use can be done or not. In addition, it is a consideration as to whether to choose an option here. Also, it is very helpful to advise that there are such methods in operation without introducing an option. 
I would like you to make various suggestions on how to use it in the future.

* Coverage Date / November 2014 
* The department in charge described is the organization name at the time of interview