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Mr. Yoshihiko Omoto, 
Creative Director / Prepress Center Creative Director / Information Manager

With the number of bases such as Tokyo, Osaka, Philippines and so on, as employees also increase, we use a combination of two tools, “V-CUBE Gate” and “V-CUBE meeting”, to make communication among employees closer .

“V-CUBE Meeting” carries out morning assembly throughout the company every Monday morning and shares the intent through the personal computer screen In addition, if it is difficult to communicate by telephone or e-mail such as design concept, feel free to consult remotely I also use it to do.

I think that it is a nice place for “V-CUBE Gate” to be able to use it easily, such as exchange of a bit of opinion, rather than sticking to “thoroughly sharing information”. While using overseas bases, I used to use a free chatting tool etc. before, but I am worried about not being able to log from the administrator side, or not being able to manage the account management that the retired employees remain in the group Because it was a face, I chose “V-CUBE Gate” in terms of being able to use it safely for corporations.

Not only at remote locations but also on other floors, employees who are away from work, salespeople who are not sure where they are now, because we can communicate with ease, the frequency of chats is higher than in e-mails, depending on the department I will.

The nuances of design etc. are transmitted

Sharing detailed nuances such as design tone and subtle shades that are difficult to communicate by phone alone.

In the web conference “V – CUBE meeting”, communication can be obtained while watching the same design and images on the personal computer screen, so it is easy to convey sensuous consultation and subtle nuances.

Log acquisition and account management are possible

It is safe by log acquisition which can not be done with free chat tool or appropriate account management.

The ability to acquire logs of chat among employees, change of groups due to movement, deletion of accounts of retirees, etc. will create internal security and information security security.

All bases can conference simultaneously

Even among remote bases, dense communication can be achieved by conducting regular morning meetings all at once.

Even the staff at distant bases can directly convey the thoughts of the management team in real time. Since the expression and so on can be understood through the screen, the contents to be transmitted more accurately permeate the employees.

Adopted “V-CUBE” web conference and business chat for communication between bases including overseas

Business description 
DTP (graphic design, editorial design, color universal design), printing, Web, EC site operation, novelty, calendar, New Year cards business and others. 

In addition to the headquarters and factory in Sapporo, design and printing company with bases in Tokyo, Osaka, Philippines. Besides handling prints and web designs such as New Year’s cards that can be ordered online, it also has a reputation for color universal design that manages colors to make it easier for people with weak color.

Online communication that is more frequent than email

Prepress Center develops a wide range of businesses including DTP, printing, website creation, novelty and EC, with close cooperation between Tokyo, Osaka and Philippines (Cebu) centers, mainly at Sapporo with head office and factory ing. Even if it is the same base but the working floor is different, it is surprisingly difficult for “a bit of contact matter and consultation” like a base away from the office floor. Therefore, at the prepress center, we introduced a business chat “V-CUBE Gate” that allows employees to easily communicate with each other, and a “V-CUBE meeting” that makes it easy for web conferences on PCs, smartphones and tablet terminals.

Challenges in deploying to Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Philippines

Details do not convey on the phone

“Design” occupies a large weight in business, but it is difficult for small nuances to be transmitted simply by words by telephone.

Free chat tool can not log

Many people say that they want to use a free chatting tool, but because they can not get logs, the administrator side is uneasy, and account management is also difficult.

Morning assembly with nationwide and overseas bases is difficult

Even if you want to open morning assembly on a regular basis to share company-wide intentions, the distant base tends to be left behind.

Solve this with “V-CUBE Meeting” & “V-CUBE Gate”!

What are the points of selecting “V-CUBE Meeting” and “V-CUBE Gate”?

Can you manage accounts

In the free chat tool, the retiree’s account remains in the group, and there is anxiety about information security.

  • The administrator can create, update and discard accounts.

  • Improved operational efficiency by creating appropriate groups.

Can you use it on the go?

Since sales personnel are many going out and do not work in fixed seats even in the office, I want to contact without being caught in the place.

  • Both “V-CUBE meeting” and “V-CUBE Gate” can be used from PC, smartphone, tablet terminal.

  • Communication is possible even when you can not answer a phone, such as a moving train.

Is the affinity of the tool high?

It is convenient to use tools smoothly when you want to transition to a full-scale meeting from a casual consultation in chat.

  • From the chat screen in “V-CUBE Gate”, it is possible to easily launch the web conference of “V-CUBE meeting”.

Customer feedback: Dense communication among employees beyond places and distances by combining two tools

“V-CUBE Meeting” “V-CUBE Gate” Utilization Method at Prepress Center Co., Ltd.

Utilize “V-CUBE Gate” business chat that can communicate between bases including overseas. Groups are created flexibly according to department and work content and used properly. In order to deepen the discussion that started with chat or to aim the production policy awareness, click “Start Meeting Now” from the “V – CUBE Gate” chat screen, and click on the “V – CUBE Meeting” There are many cases where we move to web conference. Also, every Monday morning, the morning assembly led by the headquarters is delivered at the “V-CUBE Meeting” and thorough communication with employees at remote locations.