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Chulalongkorn Hospital Cooperate with KBank And Muang Thai Life Assurance Develops Medical Technology Support Services Launches Chula Care

Raise the level of service to patients, relatives, patients and hospital personnel. Targeted Regional Service Quality

Dr. Suttipong Watcharasinthu, Director of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and Dean of Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University says that Thailand is rapidly changing its population. The proportion of elderly people increased. Needs of doctors, nurses and public health personnel.As well as the nursing home, there is a greater need. From domestic users. And from neighboring countries. Each year, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital The number of patients admitted in the year 2017 is 1.6 million outpatients or more than 5,000 patients / day. The hospital has been developing the service continuously, but patients have not. Get comfortable as you should.

Recently, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital has cooperated with KASIKORNBANK. And Muang Thai Life Assurance launched the Chula Care project by bringing the technology that both organizations are knowledgeable and experienced to help elevate the patient management system. Map Development and Navigation Promote health information and health promotion. Including distance therapy. This long-distance treatment will begin to serve patients with a neurological clinic (Tele Neurology Clinic). To facilitate the elderly who sleep in the nervous system. It is not easy to see the doctor at the hospital. This will help facilitate and save the cost of bringing patients to the doctor. Reduce waiting time for hospital visits.

Ms. Kattiya Indaravichai Managing Director Kasikorn Bank The Bank of Thailand It supports hardware development. To find the experts to develop the system to create the environment within the Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society to access and utilize information efficiently in anytime, anywhere format.

The Chula Care application development allows hospitals to more quickly and effectively deliver patient services such as day and queue alerts. Notice of eligibility for treatment (eg Social Security, Universal Health Care). Payment via K PLUS and Mobile Banking of all banks, Indoor Navigate and Navigation, and Self-service Kiosk are also provided to facilitate the payment to those who do not have a smartphone.

Creating a Data Hub for Data Center Development The Bank will provide the data warehouse system ready to use. Including data analysis tools. To Chulalongkorn Hospital. All information is also available at Chulalongkorn Hospital.

The development of Tele Medicine is the use of advanced telecommunications to apply to medical services. By transmitting video and audio data through the media. Coupled with computer networks Helps patients and healthcare professionals talk to each other immediately. These include the sharing of knowledge in medical treatment or teleconferencing, Tele Clinic, and home health care.

Develop human resources and staff mobile applications to support the hospital staff to gain experience. Link Payments And personnel development

Mr. Sara Lamsam, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited, said that Thailand is entering an aging society. The company develops technologies and services that meet the needs of its clients.The development of health promotion and disease prevention in the elderly. Together with King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. By tracking health information from both the hospital and home. The team of nurses will analyze and organize health care programs. To prevent illness to suit the individual elderly.

It also develops access to teaching materials and examinations. To facilitate relatives or caregivers of care for the elderly. Provide access to instructional media. And exams in various courses. Easily And get more knowledge. It will be on all Digital Platforms.

Extended coverage for people with health insurance. Outpatient (OPD) with the company to cover the treatment through Tele Clinic and can be processed online through the application Chula Care of Chulalongkorn Hospital. At home, in addition to Muang Thai Life Insurance Plc. Also provides life insurance support and accident insurance. For staff of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Chulalongkorn University’s “CHULA CARE” Upgrades Medical News l Workpoint News l9 Aug 61

CHULA CARE is committed to excellence in medical services. With technology Upgrading patient services

Chulalongkorn University’s “CHULA CARE” Advancement