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Konica Minolta Bizcom Co., Ltd. provides IT system solutions and services relating to the information management and operation of enterprises based on information equipment, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Co., Ltd., a multifunction machine, printing equipment, related consumables, etc. Main business of sales and service in Japan.

Mr. Aoyama Namiya, Deputy Director of Konica Minolta Bizcom Co., Ltd. First Division, Business Division 1

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Co., Ltd. Solution Business Promotion Center ICT Sales Department Content Management Group Shinya Yamamoto

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Co., Ltd. Solution Business Promotion Center ICT Sales Department Content Management Group Mr. Shun Ishihara

In addition to onsite seminars, we also use webinar which can also be developed locally.

Doubling the delivery base to increase participants. About 20% of the participants’ business talks occurrence rate 
, conducted a seminar directly linked to the development of new customers.


  • Pioneering prospects in the national wards

Decisive factor

  • Connection stability and secure delivery environment


  • Increasing opportunities with participants


We hold a seminar for potential customers. Since the sales area is all over Japan, I was considering a means to appeal seminars held in Tokyo to the provincial areas in order to cultivate potential customers in each area.

Konica Minolta Bizcom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Konica Minolta Business Corp.”) and Konica Minolta Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereafter Konica Minolta Business Solutions) plan various seminars tailored to the issues and interests of target customers from 2009 , Started. Initially it was held about once every three months, but because it gained popularity, we have increased to 2010 once a month. Konica Minolta Bizcom Aoyama Narimichi says that it was actually telemarketing (hereinafter referred to as “telematics”) that demonstrated its power to add seminar applicants.

“The solicitation or announcement to the seminar uses telematics, media publication, targeting mail, etc. It is telemas that is the main power of telemas, media publishing, telemarketing, telemarkets are traditionally kept away from customers, However, there is a high tendency to opt-in for the guidance of the seminar.As it is our prospective customer that shows interest in the seminar, so-called “business card information” for information, It is a very valuable thing. “

Telemer says Mr. Aoyama if the acquisition rate of business card information is overwhelmingly higher than other marketing instruments. “We accumulate this information as a house list and make it a resource for sales activities and solicitation for ongoing seminars.”

Konica Minolta Bizcom, Konica Minolta Business Solutions The seminars of both companies were counted ten times a year in FY2011. These seminars will be held in downtown Marunouchi and Shinjuku (scale up to 50 people). Since both companies are developing business nationwide, I thought that they could appeal this seminar in some way to local prospects. It was webinar (webinar) that was examined there.

Decisive factor

V – CUBE seminar has high connection stability. Moreover, it is a product that tried to improve the broadcast quality, that it is a closed distribution environment that requires ID.

Both companies first tried testing webinar to use Ustream (You stream), but because of the frequent disruption of images and sounds, we considered using other webinars, and since then we have been using V-CUBE seminar Was introduced experimentally.

Watching a seminar is a valuable prospect, so images and sounds should not be interrupted. “I tested in various environments.We tried communicating by connecting with my home, affiliated companies and suppliers, so I tried communicating and trying out a bad situation in the environment and daringly I did it, but the V – CUBE seminar was always stable “(Aoyama)

Also, it was one of the evaluations that the V – CUBE seminar was basically different in specification from the web conference system etc, and it was a product that tried to improve the broadcast quality.

Mr. Aoyama also evaluates that the V-CUBE seminar can restrict students by ID issued. “In our seminar, customers may be lecturers and lecture examples of introduction of our products.In this case, we talk about highly confidential information, so firmly who is taking the course It is important to be able to manage and identify it, it is desirable to have a closed delivery environment. “

In addition, it is possible to check entrance / exit logs of the students, there are tools that can analyze the browsing status of the user, furthermore, a fulfilling support system etc. are also listed as selection points.


Seminar participants increased both onsite and online. The number of bases has been increased from 25 to 50, contributing to raising the rate of negotiations. As a result of marketing, you can see that the incidence of negotiations with local prospective customers is high.

In May 2010, live distribution of seminars sponsored by Konica Minolta Business Solutions and Konica Minolta Business Solutions by V-CUBE seminar began. The connection was set to 25 bases. Initially at the time of introduction, although this webinar user was few, steady efforts such as follow calls resulted in the increase of participants. “As of the end of 2011, the number of applications finally exceeded 25. For this reason, we recently increased the number of V-CUBE seminar contracts to 50 bases.” That’s what Konica Minolta Business Solutions Yamamoto Shinya said.

According to the survey of both companies, the so-called “negotiation incidence rate” reaching the negotiation among seminar participants is said to be about 20%. Currently onsite (venue) is full near 50 people. As webinar doubles the participant’s frame, there is still room for growth. It will contribute to an increase in the number of negotiations.

According to statistics up to now, webinar users were half of those in the Tokyo area and other areas. The Tokyo area is easy to follow from a distance point as well and has superiority as a prospective customer, but recently when I marketed webinar users from rural areas, I found out that the incidence of negotiations is much higher. Mr. Aoyama says, “The measures to this problem are still to come.” However, it can be said that webinar is one example that raised an unexpected effect.

In addition, webinar also contributes to the efficiency of collection and collection of questionnaires. “We create a web questionnaire form independently in accordance with the contents of the lecture and link it to the banner advertisement column of the V-CUBE seminar.This is making the contents of the questionnaire according to the content of the lecture About half of participants in webbinar will answer, but we can count efficiently. “It is Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Mr. Shun Ishihara.

At the venue, taking a questionnaire on a paper basis takes time and labor to calculate, but web-based questionnaires are automatically counted so it will not take time and effort. “The utilization of the questionnaire function of the V-CUBE seminar is a future task,” he says.


Both companies are considering using the V-CUBE seminar for uses other than promotional tools to acquire customers in the future.

“For example, I think that V-CUBE seminar can be used to hold a briefing session on how to use the system to customers who introduced the system,” Aoyama said. In addition, we are thinking about offering web design services to customers offering after-sales training on web site sales efficiency and SEO countermeasures at V-CUBE seminar for the whole country.

Furthermore, he wants to use the V – CUBE seminar for various meetings within the Konica Minolta group. Because the meeting within the group can go up to dozens of people from a few dozen people, it is possible to make a 1: N type (simultaneous delivery to 10,000 bases possible) system like a V – CUBE seminar rather than a web conference system It is suitable for you.


The seminar is a valuable place to acquire prospects, but there are drawbacks that it is difficult to go legs from remote areas. However, if you use a live delivery system like a V-CUBE seminar, problems such as distance and location can be dispelled. Because interactivity is high, attention and participation awareness of students can be raised high. Data on this time that “the incidence of business talks is higher in rural areas” also suggests how important it is to engage regional customers in marketing.

※ This case is created and published based on the content gathered in March 2012.