Otsuka Corporation

Promoting one-stop solution and one stop support by multi-field correspondence which is not limited by a specific manufacturer, and offers a wide range of office supplies to IT equipment in general

Business description

  • System integration business 

    (IT equipment, software sales, consigned software development etc)

  • Service & support business 

    (Supply supply, maintenance, educational support, etc.)

Established in 

Cost of operation and attraction can be reduced

Because online seminar distribution from the studio installed in our company can be implemented at low cost, it is possible to hold a seminar easily at the timing wanted to hold.

We held an online seminar from March 2010, and in the first year we held 34 courses in 10 months. Since then, the number of hosts has been on an upward trend, and in 2017 it has grown to hold 512 courses per year.

Flexible to hold from several small-scale seminars to 300 people

Since it is not necessary to have a physical venue, it is easy to hold even in a large-scale seminar. Even in the theme of small groups subject to cost-effectiveness in the venue type, it can be held because it is low cost.

Hot theme seminars such as AI and IoT have many participation hopes and there is also a track record of 300 people. Even if there are many applicants, it is easy to plan and carry out holdings more than once. If latent needs are expected even for niche products, seminars targeting a small number of people can be held at low cost.

Targeting local customers who could not reach reach in the past

Customers who were unable to participate in the venue-type seminar due to distance restrictions also became available for online seminars, and the commercial area expanded significantly.

The online seminar by the V – CUBE seminar has participation records from all prefectures, and succeeded in creating a new commercial flow to remote areas.

A state of online seminar distribution in the Tokyo studio

The screen questionnaire of the seminar delivered serves for follow-up calls as well

Founded in 1961, providing wide range of products and services from office supplies to ITT equipment in general, Otsuka Corporation promotes one-stop solutions and one-stop support. Otsuka Corporation, known as a leading system integrator in Japan, conducted about 200 seminar sessions in 3 years, and about 7,000 attendees in total.


The company held IT events and seminars locations all around Japan. When the number of seminars at different locations increased, it was very difficult for their team to organize. They face difficulties like selecting the suitable venue and location, gathering participants, managing the event which includes costs, effort and human resources. They realised that with the limitation, there are a lot of potential customers who they couldn’t reach. In order to expand business opportunities and to ease the workload, they decided to source for online seminar solutions.

Why V-CUBE Seminar?
  • Equipped with the functions necessary for online seminars and can be easily used.

  • A cloud-type service and the set-up is easy and can be completed quickly. The speaker just need to connect to a PC, mic and webcam.

  • Attendees can join the seminar easily as it doesn’t involves installation of software.

  • Well organised support framework.

  • Seminars can be planned without worrying about the location and volume (number of participants).

  • Less human resources needed as organising a seminar is simpler and easier to manage.

  • Customer responses can be captured on a real-time basis.

  • By conducting seminars online, the company has established new sales channels in remote areas and improved customer satisfaction.

Online courses and seminars on handled products and solutions over 1800 courses over 8 years, with more than 30,000 participants

Online seminars delivered from a dedicated studio grow to more than 500 courses a year

At OTSUKA CORPORATION, which is engaged in a wide range of sales and support of IT equipment, software and solutions, we are conducting not only a large-scale seminar “practical solution fair” of the venue, but also products and solutions handled by our company using the V – CUBE seminar We hold an online seminar from 2010. We have a dedicated studio in Tokyo and actively distribute online seminars.

Issues in the venue-type seminar

Constrained on the number of times of execution due to cost

Expenses such as venue fee, advertisement expenses for attracting guests, personnel expenses for seminar administration, etc. are costly, so the number of times of execution will be limited.

Limited to the number of participants depending on the size of the venue

There are many participants who wish to participate in the popular theme, there are restrictions such as having to refuse with over capacity and being unable to attend the seminar unless we can attract customers with niche products.

Many urban areas are held and local customers are difficult to participate

Even with seminars on themes with a certain number of latent needs to local customers, it is difficult to hold venues in the venue because of cost and attracting customers, so it will be held only in urban areas, local customers are hard to participate.

What is the point of selecting V-CUBE seminar?

Is the function necessary for the online seminar covered as standard?

In addition to displaying lecturers’ pictures and materials, they also have functions that can interact bidirectionally such as chat and questionnaire as standard.

  • Bi-directional communication that is compatible with venue-type seminars such as writing comments on document screens, chat, questionnaires, etc.

Can you hold an online seminar immediately with the cloud type?

It is unnecessary to construct a system and can be implemented in a short period of time.

  • Holding seminar without complicated preparations by attaching camera and microphone to PC connected to internet

Can seminar students easily participate in online seminars?

It is a service that enables students with various literacy to easily participate without detailed explanation.

  • Students do not need to install client software

  • Students can easily access online seminars by clicking the notified URL

Utilization method of V-CUBE seminar in OTSUKA CORPORATION

Otsuka Shoji positively holds online seminars on the theme of products and solutions dealt in-house, and also prepares a monthly program guide. In 2017, 512 courses were delivered, and the total number of participants was 2,213, which is 129.7% of the previous year, which is recorded.

Even within the company, the effect of the seminar has penetrated, both the number of handling products and the number of seminars are increasing

Since the number of projects by follow-up calls to seminar participants is large, the effect spreads to each product person who requests to hold a seminar. In 2010, the online seminar that started at 34 courses per year has expanded to 512 courses in 2017.

Deliver online seminar by setting up its own studio in Tokyo

Currently, an online seminar is distributed from a dedicated studio in Tokyo and Mr. Hayashi is in charge of almost one person. As the occupancy rate has increased, in the future we are looking into adding studio and increasing staff.

Inside Business Center Mr. Hidenori Katada

I am in charge of the direction of what kind of seminar to organize and to attract guests to online seminars. Which theme is the seminar is decided based on the request of promotion of each product in the company.

Due to the fact that the effect of online seminars has penetrated the company, both the number of products handled and the frequency of holding seminars are increasing.

Even if it is difficult to attract customers in real terms, as the online seminar can be held regardless of location, the demand from niche business personnel is particularly noticeable.

Inside Business Center Mr. Katsuyuki Hayashi

It is about 3 years in charge of the operation of delivering actual seminars at our own studio. For those who serve for the first time as a lecturer or in the case of demonstration on the day, consideration is given so that seminars on live broadcast will progress smoothly, such as actually calling the studio a few days before the delivery and rehearsing in the same environment as the actual It is.

Actually, until three years ago, I was in charge of doing follow-up calls to customers who got contacts through web policy including online seminars.

Participants in the online seminar were questionnaires, so they knew what kind of points they felt interested and challenged, so they were also easy to follow calls, and the response was quite different from those who simply requested information.