What is V-CUBE Learning?

V-CUBE Learning is a learning management system (LMS) that has incorporated the virtual online platform for training and learning purposes. This system enables a trainer to upload and distribute materials of electronic form to the targeted recipients/learners. The materials could be on product knowledge, standard operating procedure, academic assignment, etc. The learners can access to the materials ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with internet coverage.V-CUBE Learning embodies the kind of online training solution that people have always wanted.

In other words, BORDERLESS LEARNING is made possible!

Online Course Builder

Conduct educational training programme online with no restrictions on time, location and group size.

Progression Report

Get live updates on the progress of your people, understand where they stand and guide them towards success.

Assessment / Quiz

Result speaks. Find out how well your people are doing and subsequently figure out what your next step should be.

Course Evaluation

Know what your people think about the learning materials and let they tell you how to boost them into high spirits.

File Compatibility

Create a dynamic learning environment with materials consisting of videos, recordings, documents and more.

Customized Layout

Tell us the requirements of your ideal LMS, we programme one that fits your specific needs perfectly.

System Integration

Connect to V-CUBE Meeting or V-CUBE Seminar at ease to manage multiple sites with minimal hassles.

Countless Device Types

Access to V-CUBE Learning through your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, experience convenience at its best!

Anyone can create learning content using video, etc.

“V-CUBE Learning” is where you can create / deliver learning content, such as video. We are a multi-device device so you can study anytime, anywhere.
Users can communicate with each other using SNS tools.
Singapore’s largest educational platform provider and based on Wizlearn Technologies, Inc. * Learning management system and customization for Japanese companies.

Expected results

  • Visualizing the ability to learn.

  • Optimize learning content creation.

  • Integrated training management

  • Sharing knowledge between users.

* Wizlearn Technologies Inc.
Prospect of the Singapore Education Market’s largest educational education company (about 60% of elementary and junior high school Singapore’s National University of Singapore (NUS)), including Tokyo Bank, Mitsubishi Asia, Mitsui & Co. ., Asia, Mitsubishi, Asia, Singapore Ministry of Defense (MINDEF), Singapore Internal Revenue Service (IRAS), Learning Management System for more than 250 institutions, such as National University Hospital, provides e-Learning content.


Easy content creation

You can create it in the browser without having to install the content creation tool.
With easy-to-understand operation, anyone can easily create learning content.

Learning content

We can provide learning content such as quizzes, video quizzes and live delivery.
* Preferred videos and live broadcasts are optional.

Supports a wide range of devices.

Can be used from devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Real-time learning history verification

Learning progress can be confirmed in real time and can be sent to non-students alerts. You can also check your system usage status, such as login information. Time

SNS function

Communication like sharing of ideas and knowledge among users is possible besides comments, then attachments of PowerPoint, animations etc. are possible.

No need to install

You can study without downloading a specific application. You can study in an environment that is connected to the internet by everyone.
* For live delivery, install it.

Many world-class recommendations

Many educational institutions, such as educational markets, major corporations, government agencies and others.

High security

Certified as an ASP / SaaS Data Disclosure System, we are working on a fully operational, enterprise-wide deployment solution for enterprise applications.

Support for detailed operations.

We investigate the basics of the network environment and address the concerns. We also support the creation of a client-friendly system.

24 hour support 365 days

Support after 24 hours, 365 days a year. With questions about usage, we will respond to the problem immediately.

Our success

Our aim is to meet your needs and your customers.
Over the past 17 years, we have served over 570,000 users.

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