Expected effect

Expanding opportunities to attract customers

Web seminars can be distributed to students nationwide with PCs and mobile terminals, so you can expand your approach to attracting customers without being restricted in location.

Improving seminar understanding

Two-way communication via chat/questionnaire is possible during live distribution. Since it can be repeatedly taken as on-demand content, not only the understanding level but also the proficiency level can be improved.

Significant reduction in holding costs and preparation

Web seminars can greatly reduce venue costs, lecturer travel time, and preparation for holding seminars. You can increase the number of holdings as the burden is greatly reduced.

Effective use of past content

Content delivered in the past can be delivered on demand. It is also possible to use the seminar once held many times. It can be viewed by many students without limiting the holding time.

Delivered to up to 10,000 sites*

It is a powerful system that allows you to broadcast the seminar live to up to 10,000 PCs (units*) in the world.

*Use multiple rooms for large-scale distribution.

Available from all over the world

Compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. If you have an internet connection, you can use it from all over the world. Supports Japanese/English/Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Thai, Indonesian.

Chats and surveys to improve understanding

You can also ask the instructor to ask questions and answer in a chat, or use a simple survey to find out the interest level of the students on the spot.

High Resolution

It is possible to hold web seminars with clear images due to the high image quality supported by H.264 encoding.

Can be viewed without installation

It can be viewed not only on PC but also on iOS/Android terminals. Since it can be viewed on the browser, there is no need to encourage students to install dedicated applications.

Video streaming delivery enhancements

In-house developed encoder “Video Streaming Studio” has been added for video streaming distribution method using HTML5 method which will be the mainstream in the future. With this application, the distribution side can operate the distribution from start to finish, and intuitively operate the video during distribution, microphone settings, chat questionnaire, etc.

High Security

Certified as an ASP/SaaS information disclosure system. We are committed to the maintenance of operations with a complete system suitable for corporate use.

Thorough operation support

Preliminary check of network environment eliminates anxiety. We also support the construction of an operational system tailored to our customers.

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