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Go Big, Go Global, Sans the Hassle

Imagine holding interactive lectures and seminars with no concern for venue. Now imagine synchronizing documents to be simultaneously distributed to up to 10,000 receiving points. That’s V-CUBE Seminar in a nutshell.

A video communication system that is essentially a web seminar software that enables online seminars, or webinars, to be held by presenters and attended by participants with ease, V-CUBE Seminar is the go-to webinar training software for many. Because with V-CUBE Seminar, they can now easily hold or provide:

  •   Lectures and IR seminars

  •   Distant learning

  •   Seminars for resellers

  •   Online events

  •   Online sales

  •   Market research

  •   Staff training

Features of web seminar software

  • Connects up to 10,000 endpoints.

  • Video communication system with all-in-one interface for easy navigation

  • Screen-sharing and indication

  • Check audience status

  • Recorded live seminars for later viewing on demand

  • Virtual Whiteboard

  • File-sharing, screen-sharing, questionnaire, polling and text chat

  • Flexible layout

  • Banner for advertising

  • Mobile devices supported

How our video communication system works

Participate from anywhere


No expensive setup fee.

Cut venue cost, operation cost.

Easy update notification.



Easy access to online seminar.

Save the hassle of travelling to venue.

Join seminar from anywhere.

Significant expansion of approaches

Web seminars can be delivered to students nationwide with PCs and mobile terminals, so you can expand the approach destination without being restricted by traveling time, time and preparation place.

Improve understanding of seminar

Bidirectional communication is possible by chat and questionnaire. Participants’ participation awareness will also increase, understanding will improve dramatically.

Significant reduction in cost and labor

Web seminars can greatly reduce venue cost, lecturer’s traveling time and preparation preparation preparation. You can increase the number of holdings as much as the burden drastically decreases

Effective utilization of video content

Video content can be delivered on demand. Many students can view and listen to them without limiting the holding time.

Office 365 collaboration

Office 365 collaboration is a service recommended for companies that are considering introducing V – CUBE meeting and V – CUBE seminar after installing Office 365.

  • Single sign-on with Office 365 account

  • Booking from V-CUBE seminar to Outlook calendar

  • Booking from V-CUBE meeting to Outlook calendar

  • Conference reservation from “V-CUBE Meeting Outlook add-in”, calendar registration

Mirai speaker to realize barrier free of “sound”

“Mirai speaker” which supports “important listening element” of communication and supports “listening” and has been confirmed to be highly effective in demonstration project for hearing impaired person can be used with V-CUBE service.

  • Because it is a speaker specialized in voice, it is possible to deliver it by audible voice even if it is audio delivered through Web conference or Web seminar.

  • Even in large conference rooms and seminar venues, it is possible to distribute easy-to-hear sounds by installing “Mirai speaker”.

Distributed to up to 10,000 bases *

It is a powerful system that can deliver seminars live broadcasting to PCs of up to 10,000 bases worldwide *. 
* Distribution of 10,000 bases will be done using 5 rooms that can deliver up to 2,000 bases.

Available from all over the world

It corresponds to Windows PC, Mac, smart phone and tablet terminal. If you have an internet connection environment, you can use it from all over the world. It corresponds to Japanese · English · Chinese (Simplified · Traditional), Thai, Indonesian.

Always up to date. Anyone can use it

Installation work of client software and troublesome network setting / maintenance are unnecessary. By logging in to the cloud type service, you can always use the latest state.

Chat and questionnaire to improve understanding

It is also possible to ask the instructor to answer with questions by chatting easily or by knowing the attention degree of the student on the spot with a simple questionnaire.

Delivery support and dedicated studio

Even in the absence of know-how, specialist staff will follow up beforehand on the various delivery operations, on the day and after. A dedicated studio suitable for seminars is also available.

high resolution

It is possible to implement web seminars with clear images by high image quality by H.264 encoding.

Mobile compatible

You can comfortably join seminars from smartphones and tablet terminals with iOS / Android application exclusively. When mobile terminal users become thousands of people, the video streaming function which enables viewing of Web seminars with a general browser is convenient.


Flexible customization according to usage scene, such as setting to guide seminar holding page so that students will not get lost.

Web conference share No. 1 *

We have achieved No.1 * share for 11 consecutive years in the cloud market of Web conference . It is a brand that has been chosen by customers.

* Seed · Planning Co., Ltd. “2018 Video conference / Web conference latest market and the current state of cloud video communication”

High security

Certified as an ASP / SaaS information disclosure system. We are working on conservation of operations with a perfect system that is suitable for corporate use.

Thorough operation support

Perform preliminary check of network environment and resolve anxiety. We will also support the construction of an operation system tailored to customers.

24 Hours 365 days Support

Supported after deployment at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From questions on how to use, we will respond promptly to sudden troubles.

Various services available

With the license system “V – CUBE One”, V – CUBE services can be freely used according to purpose and purpose.

Vcube service selected by more than 5,000 companies

Free Trial and inquiries

What is Web seminar (online seminar / webinar / Webinar)?

Seminars and training gathered by many people both outside and inside , such as sales training, employee training (qualification acquisition support), sales training for dealers and distributors, seminars for prospects, etc. are held for various purposes. 
However, in order to hold many seminars continuously, we 
have to clear various subjects, such as arranging the venue to adjust participants’ time . If you are a webinar (online seminar / webinar / webinar), you 
can take a seminar for students from all over Japan and around the world because you can take a PC or mobile terminal connected to the internet.