V-cube (Thailand) brought the software to develop personnel named V-cube Learning at the booth in Thailand HR DAY 2019, presented under the concept of People Transformation: Human x Humane. Emphasizing that HR people do not neglect to develop people to have both “brains” that are ready to work and “hearts” that are ready to join together to create a good society. During the development of people in the Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Open Mindset through activities in the form of lectures, knowledge from the speakers and leading speakers. Including the transfer of experiences in the form of Real Practices Show & Share, with over 60 leading speakers through 30 seminars.

The multidimensional challenges that arise with today’s organizations. Resulting in many organizations getting into the Business and Organization Transformation process An important factor that makes a successful transition is “people”. The People Transformation process coincides with organizational and business transitions. The process of human development during the era of Disruption has a great influence on the organization. Requires understanding And must take Developing people to suit the work world of the future is an important big step. We are not in a working world where people have to compete with technology. In the future, however, humans must use technology to create value for their work and organization. The idea set that Technology substitutes for people and causes people to lose value. It is a thought that distorts from the real situation. People are still valuable to driving the organization.

Employees who are suitable for the future of the world must be people with Technology Capabilities. Have skills in hard skills that support his work to achieve his goals On the other hand, you must not neglect to learn and practice with appropriate Soft Skills. And aside from being able to develop to be capable, promoting people with Consciousness and humanity are no less important than the development of “smart people” in the organization.