What is an Internet conference? 7 Recommended Softwares for Small Businesses That Can Be Used on the Web2

What is an Internet conference? 7 Recommended Softwares for Small Businesses That Can Be Used on the Web

“Internet conference” where you can participate from anywhere if the network environment is in place.

Internet conferencing, which allows face-to-face conversations with people who are not in the office, has become an essential tool for many companies in recent years.

For example, you can use it in various ways, such as business negotiations with customers, internal meetings, and meetings with partner companies.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce 7 recommended software to make Internet conferences comfortable .

We hope that these guidelines, such as price, function, operating environment, and purpose of use, can be used to select software that suits your company.

What is an Internet conference? Advantages and disadvantages

Internet conferencing is a conference where video and audio are sent over the Internet line to communicate from a distance.

Also known as “web conferencing”.

Traditional meetings assumed that all participants were in the same place. However, using Internet conferencing allows people to work remotely in a variety of ways, such as employees and freelancers who work in remote locations, and this has attracted much attention in recent years as work styles have diversified.

On the other hand, Internet conferencing has the disadvantage of having to rely on the network environment.

Internet conferencing is a convenient system for connecting remote locations, but it is not uncommon for problems such as disrupted images or broken audio during a conversation. The main reason for this is the network environment.

Internet conferences are held on network lines, and the amount of data that can be exchanged depends on the speed and stability of the communication. Even in general internal communication, not only video data but also various data such as audio, materials, image data, etc. should be exchanged, and the amount of these data is not light.

Therefore, by introducing a web conference, the data volume suddenly increases compared to the normal data before the introduction, it becomes impossible to respond, and as a result, the web conference can not proceed well.

You must pay attention to these communication aspects when using Internet conferencing.

What is the difference from video conferencing?

Internet conferencing (web conferencing) and video conferencing, which are necessities for telework, have different purposes and characteristics.

This chapter describes the features of video conferencing and the differences between Internet and video conferencing.

① Features of video conference

Video conferencing generally requires special equipment within the company, such as dedicated communications equipment and servers. Basically, there are many styles in which dedicated equipment is prepared in a conference room equipped with a large display, etc., and the participants gather for a meeting.

If you don’t have a microphone, speakers, or office display, you’ll need to provide one too, which can be quite expensive compared to web conferencing. However, the advantage is that the quality of video and audio is high, and the line is stable because communication is performed through a dedicated server.

If it is more nervous than a general meeting such as a general meeting of shareholders or a valuable management meeting, and if it is used for a meeting where system failure is not permitted, a video conference may be better than a web conference.

② Difference between Internet conference and video conference

The big difference between the Internet conference and the video conference is

-Difference in initial cost 

・ Difference in stability of communication environment

・ Difference in meeting size

It can be said that there are three. Which meeting style suits the needs and issues of the company differs, so it is recommended that you carefully consider which is best for you when you introduce it.

Commentary by the number of participants! Hardware required for Internet conferencing

The equipment and equipment required for Internet conferencing will vary depending on the number of participants and the environment in which the meeting takes place.

For personal use, you don’t need much large-scale equipment, but for large groups you will need to check the performance of the necessary equipment in advance. .

Here, let’s review the tools required for Internet conferencing by dividing them into small (one or two people) and medium / large (about three to large) people.

Tools required for small-scale use (1-2 people)

Individuals who use Internet conferencing personally can be frequent mobile sales people or remote workers working from home or satellite offices.

The following items are required in addition to the Internet line.

(1) Microphone or device with the same function

The minimum required to communicate with a distant partner is a microphone that delivers your voice.

Most modern laptops and mobile devices have built-in microphones by default.

However, the microphone system equipped with the device has the disadvantage that it picks up the surrounding voices and PC-type sounds more than necessary, resulting in noise in the meeting.

Therefore, if you want a better sound pickup, it is better to purchase a microphone or headset separately. If you use a microphone that has both functions of a microphone and a speaker, you can hold a meeting anywhere without considering the surrounding noise and sound leakage to the surroundings.

* Although it is not a tool, “lighting” is likely to be surprisingly easy to forget. Depending on the number of lights and the lighting conditions, make sure that the face projected by the camera does not become almost dark or unnaturally overexposed.

Tools required for medium- and large-scale use (3 people to large numbers)

When multiple people join the Internet, they often use the company’s meeting rooms instead of traveling or in public places such as cafes.

Here, we will look at the tools required for medium-sized and large-scale Internet conferences, assuming such use of conference rooms.

(1) Wide-angle cameras and monitors for conference rooms

For personal use of Internet conferencing, there was no problem if only one device user could fit on the screen.

However, if there are multiple participants at one location, the range of the image that can be displayed on the screen is limited with a PC or mobile camera alone.

I don’t want to be half-hidden or unable to see myself while I’m attending a meeting.

Therefore, for an Internet conference with multiple people, a camera or monitor that moves the entire conference room is required. It may be a good idea to install a wide-angle camera that can take a wide view of all participants.

It should be more comfortable than having multiple people looking into one computer and talking to another participant in a remote location.

(2) Sound collecting microphone

In an Internet conference with a large number of people, there is a problem that the voice of the speaking person cannot reach the other party unless a microphone with a wide sound collection is used because each person is in a different position.

In particular, when conducting a conference with a remote location in an open space rather than in a closed space such as a conference room, it is almost impossible to proceed with the conference without a microphone with high sound collection. You.

Recently, some sound collecting microphones have equipment that has not only sound collecting functions but also speaker functions, and it is recommended to use equipment equipped with both.

When talking, people habitually utter words in the direction of the sound. Therefore, if the speaker and the microphone are separate equipment and are installed at different positions, the speaker will not know where to talk.

Also, when preparing for a meeting, reducing the number of equipment used will also reduce the preparation time.

▼ Examples of microphone speakers that can be used for Internet meetings

In addition to the above images, this page introduces several microphones that are useful for Internet conferencing. Please refer to it as well.

7 Recommended Softwares for Internet Conferences

Up to this point, we have explained the items necessary for conducting an Internet conference. Finally, here are some recommended software for comfortable Internet meetings.

By all means, please refer to selecting the appropriate software according to your company’s Internet environment and meeting needs.

V-CUBE meeting

Product name : V-CUBE Meeting (Web conferencing cloud service)

Provider : V Cube Inc.

Price range : Trial version and paid version available

  • Open price

V-CUBE Meeting is a high-quality cloud-based web conferencing service that boasts HD-compatible video and high connectivity that anyone can use with peace of mind .

▼ Function

Chat function / Video conference link / Office 365 link / PC screen sharing / Questionnaire function / Whiteboard function, etc.

▼ Introduction example

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Japan Airlines and more than 5,000 companies

▼ Guide to participate

Individual to hundreds

▼ Features and usage scene

It has the world’s highest level of video communication quality and the ability to link with video conferencing and other people’s business management systems. The service is global and has a translation function and a network environment dedicated to overseas in more than 7 languages, so it can be said that it is suitable for companies expanding overseas.

Where.by (Appear.in)

Product name : Where.by (renamed from “Appear.in” in 2019)

Sources : (a remote team of more than 20 professionals) Appear.in team

Price range : Free version and paid version available

  • Pro (for freelancers): $ 9.99 / month
  • Business: $ 99.99 / month

▼ Function

Number of sites that can be connected simultaneously 4 to 12 / Screen sharing function / Chat function / Cooperation with other services / Sticker / Stamp function / External lock function etc.

▼ Introduction example

Introduced by US major EC shopify. More than 10 million meetings in 2018

▼ Estimated number of participants

Free version can be up to 4 people, paid version can be up to 12 people

▼ Features / Main usage scene

Because you can join a web conference from a browser, you can easily invite people without IT literacy or business partners to the web conference. Because the maximum number of participants is 12, it is suitable for in-house meetings and training of small and medium-sized businesses, meetings with business partners, etc. Furthermore, you can join a web conference simply by clicking on the URL sent by the meeting staff and signing in.


Product Name : Zoom Meeting (Web conferencing software)

Provider : Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Price range : Free version and paid version available

  • Professional (for small teams): 2,000 yen / month / host
  • Business (for SMEs): 2,700 yen / month / host * Minimum required number of hosts is 10
  • Company (for large companies): 2,700 yen / month / host * Minimum required number of hosts is 50

▼ Function

Screen sharing function / chat function / cooperation with other services / whiteboard function / outside person lock function

▼ Introduction example

Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos Corporation, Nissho Electronics Corporation, etc. It is used by 750,000 companies worldwide.

▼ Estimated number of participants

The free version, “Pro” and “Business” can attend up to 100 people, and “Company” can attend up to 1000 people in a web conference.

▼ Features and usage scene

When holding a conference, you can join the conference simply by providing the meeting ID, so it can be easily used by external parties and those who are not confident in IT literacy. It is possible to meet various needs from small meetings to large meetings.


Product name : BlueJeans (Cloud-based video conference connection service)

Provider : Blue Jeans Network, Inc.

Price range : 2 weeks free trial and paid version available

  • My Company Named Host: Open Price 10-100,000ID
  • My Company Concurrent Connections: Open price 4-20 ports

▼ Function

Up to 100 simultaneous connections / Share presentation / Desktop sharing / Link with Skype for Business / Distribute video images

▼ Introduction example

Introduced by Japan Business Data Processing Center Co., Ltd.

▼ Estimated number of participants

From personal use to about 20 people

▼ Features and usage scene

Despite being a cloud-based video conference connection service, it also supports PCs, tablet terminals, and smartphones, so it can be used for both video conferences and web conferences. A company that had previously introduced video conferencing can be used in situations such as when a company wants to hold a web conference with employees outside the company.

Hangout Meet

Product Name : Hangout MEET

Provider : Google.com

Price range : 2 weeks free use and paid plan available

  • Basic: 680 yen / month
  • Business: 1,360 yen / month
  • Enterprize: 3,000 yen / month

▼ Function

Calendar sharing function / screen sharing function / mail / file sharing function / real-time collaborative editing function / two-step authentication

▼ Introduction example

Freee Inc., ASICS Inc. and many others.

▼ Estimated number of participants

The “Enterprize” plan has a maximum of 30 participants, and the other plans have a maximum of 25 participants.

▼ Features and usage scene

This software is suitable for companies that often hold medium-sized meetings. Just set up a meeting and share the link to start the meeting so anyone can easily join.


Product Name : Skype

Source : Microsoft

Price range : Free Skype and paid Skype for Business.

  • Skype for Business Plan1 220 yen / month / user (excluding tax)
  • Skype for Business Plan2 600 yen / month / user (excluding tax)

▼ Function

Screen sharing function / File transmission function / Recording function (Skype for Business) / Enrollment confirmation function (Skype for Business) / Call partner restriction function (Skype for Business) / Spoofing prevention function (Skype for Business)

▼ Introduction example

Japan Business Systems, Inc., Microsoft Japan, etc.

▼ Estimated number of participants

Up to 25 people can participate in Skype, and up to 250 people can participate in Skype for Business.

▼ Features and usage scene

With the paid version of Skype for Business, it is possible to hold fairly large meetings. Start the meeting by downloading the Skype app and creating a group to join the meeting. It is relatively easy to operate just by downloading the app, so it can be used according to the needs of companies, from small meetings to large meetings.

Go to Meeting

Product Name : Go to Meeting

Provided by : LogMeIn

Price range : 14-day free trial and paid version available

  • Go to Meeting: ¥ 49 / month up to 15 people
  • GoToWebinar: $ 99 September 100 people $ 399 September 500 people $ 499 1000 people
  • GoToTraining: ¥ 99 / month up to 25 people $ 199 / month up to 200 people

▼ Function

Screen sharing function / chat function / transcription function / link function with Alexa / outlook / Google calendar link function / whiteboard function

▼ Introduction example

Introduced by InsideSales.com in the United States. Around 80 million Internet conferences annually worldwide

▼ Estimated number of participants

Available for individuals up to 1000 people.

▼ Features and usage scene

The feature is that the URL generated when the room owner creates a Meeting is shared, and when clicked, the login is automatically performed according to the participants’ environment. This makes it easy to use even if you do not have high IT skills. The number of participants is large, and it can be said that it also supports the use of large companies.

Conclusion | Choose an Internet meeting that fits your company

In recent years, related to the enforcement of work style reforms, work efficiency and productivity have been called for. Large corporations and IT companies are making Internet-based conferences more popular and operating more effectively. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises, which were far from using tools using ICT, are gradually changing their customs as IT tools evolve.

In the coming era, it may be necessary to use IT tools to combine face-to-face meetings and Internet meetings to improve operational efficiency and enhance working hours.

We hope this article has helped you choose the best internet conferencing tool for your company.