Chat with a Sense of Security

Take advantage of this simple-to-use but comprehensive business communication system—basically, a text chat ideal for corporate use.
V-CUBE Gate business communication system safeguards your business with its tight security, keeping sensitive information on the inside.

Ideal for:

  •   Work discussions between colleagues

  •   Quick business discussions between partners

  •   Business or work-related memos

Features of business communication system

  • Administrative functions (User and log management, IP address restriction, etc.)

  • Private and group chats

  • File-sharing

  • User & chat search

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Direct launch of web conferencing from text chat*

  • SSL encryption for high security

  • Isolated internal network for added security*

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, smartphones and tablets

*Available only with subscription to V-CUBE Meeting or V-CUBE One.

  • Speed up business process and decisions

  • Improvement of information sharing and general communication

  • Greatly reduced risk of information leakage

  • Effective use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in business scenes

High security and comprehensive management function 
Business chat where companies can introduce with confidence

“V-CUBE Gate” for corporate business chat service is equipped with management function and security function required for in-house use, and it was developed so that companies can introduce with confidence. 
We will promote the activation of communication among employees, contributing to speeding up business efficiency and decision-making.

Expected effect

  • Accelerate business efficiency and speed decision-making

  • Secure information management as a company

  • Management based on operation policy is possible

  • Promote information sharing among employees and between groups

User / Group Management

Users, belonging group management, viewing of conversation logs, etc. Users can manage people and terminals related to work and monitor logs.

Security management minimizes risk of information leakage

Minimize the risk of information leaks such as IP address restriction and device session management.

Management based on investment policy

It is safe to operate within the reach of the administrator’s eyes, such as file transmission / reception control and friend application function.

Increase productivity with active communication

When necessary, you can implement a web conference immediately to speed up the decision-making process.

Also supports various devices

You can also communicate with smartphones and tablets.

Support for multiple languages

It corresponds to English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian as well as Japanese.

Vcube service selected by more than 5,000 companies

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What is corporate chat service

Personal chat tool · messenger · SNS which can be used easily, easy and free from personal mobile devices such as smartphones spread quickly and as a tool to realize close and close communication. Even at the business site, it was expected as a communication tool in the social business era that enhances motivation of employees through rapid information sharing among departments, active discussion, but there are danger of taking over, information leakage, access control, log management, etc. The security aspect of the problem was a problem. 
The corporate chat service “V-CUBE Gate” was developed to enable enterprises to install with confidence by installing management functions such as users and logs required for internal use and security functions such as IP address restrictions. In a safe and controlled environment, we will promote vitalization of communication among employees, contributing to operational efficiency and speeding up decision making.