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One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Qumu’s Qx enterprise video platform is built to solve real-world business video challenges for Global 2000 companies. Our Qx platform offers solutions related to Unified Communications, Social Business, Speed to Market, Executive Address and Training Delivery—enabling a true digital workplace.

Enable social business through the power of video

Enterprise video is now the preferred way to communicate, collaborate and connect across the enterprise. The Qumu Qx platform enables social business across Global 2000 companies by seamlessly integrating with existing platforms like MS Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive and IBM Connections.

Manage enterprise video at scale, inside the firewall or in the cloud

Using Qumu Qx, Global 2000 organizations can now proactively manage and scale the use of live and on-demand video—inside the firewall or in the cloud. Existing networks and business processes are no longer barriers to maximizing enterprise video and creating a true social enterprise.

Unified Communications

Qumu Qx supports Unified Communications (UC) by giving employees the tools to easily share and collaborate with team members across the globe, in real-time or on demand.

Social Business

Qumu Qx seamlessly manages video within social business platforms like Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive and IBM Connections, which are quickly becoming the chosen environments for team collaboration.

Speed to Market

The speed of information delivery is as critical as the information itself. From product announcements to crisis communication, Qumu Qx can deliver video to your marketplace as news is happening.

Executive Address

Qumu Qx allows business leaders to communicate with employees across the globe, engage remote workers, and increase alignment with company goals through live and on-demand webcasts.

Training Delivery

Qumu Qx puts the power of video-based learning in the hands of the learner, allowing employees to participate in live or on-demand learning courses—at any time and from any device.