Employee Collaboration


The Qumu platform allows team members to quickly and effectively share knowledge thru video, with seamless integrations to internal communication platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive and IBM Connections.

From Facebook to Twitter and now LinkedIn, people are using the power of video to communicate via social media—and business people are no different. Social business platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint, Yammer, Jive and IBM Connections are now standards for internal collaboration and communication, and they must be video-enabled.

Qumu Qx gives employees at Global 2000 organizations the ability to combine visual, spoken and written elements into a single and highly effective video communication—then quickly publish that communication to co-workers and teams via any social business platform.

And from delivery to search, Qumu Qx not only provides a platform to help users create videos, but also enables corporate technology teams to securely manage and distribute social business video—both internally and externally—through its market-leading enterprise video management capabilities.