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Qumu’s Cutting-Edge & Secured Video Hosting and Management Solution

Streamline your video content management and distribution with Qumu’s powerful video hosting and management platform. Designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations, Qumu provides a centralized hub for securely storing, organizing, and sharing your valuable video assets securely.

Unleash the Power of Qumu’s Manage and Secure Video Solution

With Qumu’s cutting-edge video hosting and management capabilities, you can take control of your video content, protect your assets, and ensure compliance with ease. Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Qumu to deliver seamless video experiences and elevate their business to new heights.

Top brands use Qumu for enterprise video

With Qumu, high-performing companies are using live video broadcasting.

Empower organizations to leverage Qumu’s Video Hosting and Management

The world’s most trusted and well-known brands rely on Qumu to enhance communication, engagement, knowledge sharing, and customer experiences.​

Corporate Training and Development

Organizations can securely store training videos and create interactive video courses. This allows for flexible and efficient training delivery, enabling employees to access on-demand training materials and enhancing their professional development.

Internal Communications

Companies can host and distribute important company-wide announcements, town hall meetings, and executive updates through secure video channels. This ensures consistent and engaging communication across teams, regardless of geographical location.

Customer Support and Self-Service

Qumu’s video hosting and management capabilities empowers customers to resolve common issues independently, reducing support ticket volume and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Ad-free branded microsite

By hosting videos on their own branded platform and website, organizations can utilize various video formats and offer viewers an ad-free experience and group related content together.

Streamline Access to Relevant Content: Securely Organize, Manage, and Share Videos for Your Target Audience

One centralized library and workflows

Create workflows and manage access at the user and the network levels

Organized content by playlist, metadata, topic, etc.

Organize and search video by categories and metadata

Built-in CMS for video with strong search capabilities (captions, transcriptions, and translations)

Store, govern and share your videos from one centralized library

Why Qumu for Video Hosting and Management?

Seamless Video Content Management

With Qumu’s enterprise video portal, you have full control over your video library. Easily upload, categorize, and tag videos for effortless organization. Intuitive search and navigation features enable quick access to the right content, ensuring your teams can find what they need when they need it.

Enhanced Collaboration and Engagement

By providing a centralized platform for video content, teams can easily access, share, and collaborate on videos, fostering effective communication and knowledge sharing. Qumu enables businesses to engage their audience with captivating video experiences, enhancing training, marketing initiatives, and overall engagement levels.

Stay Compliant with Ease

Qumu offers encryption and access controls to ensure data protection. It also adheres to various regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, enabling businesses to maintain compliance with ease. By choosing Qumu, organizations can trust that their video content remains secure and meets the necessary privacy standards.

Global Data Locations for Enhanced Performance

Qumu understands the importance of fast and reliable video delivery across regions. With data locations in APAC, US, and AMEA, Qumu ensures optimal performance, reduced latency, and an exceptional viewing experience for your global audience.​

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