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Broadcast Brilliance: Ignite Engagement and Forge Lasting Connections

Enhance engagement and collaboration through live video broadcasting with Qumu’s Enterprise Video Management Platform

Transforming the Communication Landscape Across Multiple Industries with Live Broadcasting

Effective communication and engagement are critical factors in building trust, fostering collaboration, and ensuring seamless operations across various industries. Embracing the power of live broadcasting technology opens a world of possibilities for enterprises to connect, engage, and educate their audiences like never before. With live streaming and video-on-demand (VoD) capabilities, organizations can effortlessly organize events such as town halls, product launches, crisis management communications, and more, while enhancing training, knowledge transfer, and education initiatives. Whether through on-premises or cloud-based streaming solutions, live broadcasting offers a game-changing advantage that enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Top brands use Qumu for enterprise video

With Qumu, high-performing companies are using live video broadcasting.

Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration Through Video Live Broadcasting

The world’s most trusted and well-known brands rely on Qumu to deliver seamless video experiences that manage, secure and measure content.

Live Streaming & VoD

With live streaming, organizations can video live broadcast events, town halls, conferences, and more to employees, stakeholders, and customers in real-time. This facilitates transparent and interactive communication, fostering engagement and participation. Additionally, the video-on-demand feature ensures that these important sessions can be accessed at any time, providing a valuable resource for reference and training purposes.

Internal Live Events and Town Halls

Video live broadcasting empowers organizations to organize impactful events and town halls, creating a platform for executives and leaders to connect with employees, clients, and stakeholders. Organizations can enhance transparency and boost employee morale by engaging them via chat, will polls, and moderated Q&A sessions during internal live events.

Launches and Crisis Management Communications

For product launches or addressing critical situations, live broadcasting offers an efficient and controlled platform to reach a wide audience instantly. Organizations can showcase new offerings, services, and features while addressing concerns and providing timely updates during times of crisis. This ensures swift communication and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to transparency and customer-centricity.

Broadcast – On Demand

The ability to store and access training, onboarding, and educational content on-demand revolutionizes learning and development initiatives across industries. By leveraging video live broadcasting, organizations can provide employees with convenient access to a vast library of training resources, fostering continuous learning, skill development, and compliance adherence.

Broadcast Boost: Fueling Engagement and Empowering Connections

Townhalls: Breaking Down Barriers

Townhalls are vital platforms for open dialogue, collaboration, and shared understanding. By incorporating live broadcasting technology, organizations can transcend geographical barriers, enabling remote employees, managers, and executives to participate and contribute regardless of their physical location. This promotes inclusivity, unity, and a strong sense of belonging among all stakeholders.

Reinventing Engagement

With the rise of digital communication and remote work, live broadcasting allows organizations to reinvent their engagement strategies. By leveraging interactive features such as real-time polling, live chat, and Q&A sessions, institutions can create an immersive and participatory experience, capturing valuable insights and feedback from employees, clients, and stakeholders.

On-Premises & Cloud Streaming: The Best of Both Worlds

Whether organizations choose an on-premises or cloud-based live broadcasting solution, they can tailor the infrastructure to meet their specific needs. On-premises streaming offers data control and security, while cloud-based streaming provides scalability and flexibility. Organizations can leverage either option or adopt a hybrid approach to strike the perfect balance between security and scalability.

Why Qumu for Video Live Broadcasting?


Qumu offers secure video hosting, encryption, and access controls to ensure video content remains protected from unauthorized access. It also complies with various regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Content Creation and Editing

Qumu offers tools for creating and editing videos, including screen recording, webcam recording, encoders, RTMP feeds, and video editing tools. Users can also use MS Teams, Webex, and Zoom front end and edit the recording using Qumu and publish across multi-location.

Central Hub for Vidoes

Qumu allows users to create portals (microsites) with vanity URLs for a central destination for video and live.

Analytics and Reporting

Qumu offers advanced analytics and reporting features that allow businesses to measure engagement, track usage, and monitor the success of their video content. QUMU also offers out-of-the-box integration with Google analytics and Adobe analytics.

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