How to check drone images at multiple locations in real time for “maintenance inspection” and “disaster situation confirmation”?2

How to check drone images at multiple locations in real time for “maintenance inspection” and “disaster situation confirmation”?

Many people want to use drones for maintenance and inspection of facilities where people cannot access easily. However, the video from the drone can only be checked at the drone operator’s site, and it is not possible to immediately grasp the situation and respond quickly. In this article, we will introduce a solution to check the drone image in real time from a remote location and support quick status confirmation.

Utilization issues of drones: I want to check the real-time drone footage from a remote location!

Many people have requests to use drones to check the status of sites where people can not easily enter, such as maintenance and inspection of facilities such as plants, bridges, steel towers, chimneys, and the status of disasters, etc. think.

・ “Maintenance and inspection” at large factories such as plants

In places where people cannot easily access, such as chimneys, high places, and external walls without scaffolds, I want to capture and inspect real-time inspection points.

・ “Maintenance and inspection” of social infrastructure such as roads, tunnels and bridges

We want to perform efficient and wide-area inspections in real time by using remote drone images to grasp the local situation without having to go to the site.

・“ Confirmation of disaster situation ” conducted by local governments ( prefectures, municipalities )

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, eruption, or heavy rain, we want to send the drone to the site and check the damage status in real time.

By using a commercial drone, it is possible to shoot on the spot where people can not easily enter. However, the following issues remain.

“You can only see the video of the site on the terminal that is operating the drone.”

“Even though you can record a video, you can’t view the video in real time”

If you go to the site where you are shooting video with a drone, you can see the video, but you can not check in real time from a remote place. When an abnormality or trouble is found during maintenance and inspection, it is not possible to respond promptly unless a person in charge of the measures is on site. Even when confirming the status of a disaster, there is a risk that delays in understanding the status of relevant parties and delays in judgment may cause a more serious situation.

A drone solution that enables “confirmation of drone images at multiple locations in real time”

V- Cube, which has a proven track record in visual communication using video and audio , invested in Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. in 2015 , which develops robotic technology for drones . With the cooperation of companies and municipalities, we conducted repeated demonstration experiments on the use of drones. At work sites such as shipbuilding site management, rescue work at sea, and inspection of equipment such as bridges, the business was actually carried out using commercial drones and web conferences, and the solution was verified for practical use.

In the same year, V-cube focused on “ V-cube Robotics, ” a company specialized in robot-related businesses. ・ Japan (hereinafter abbreviated as VRJ ) “.

VRJ’s solution combines the latest technologies in commercial drones and web conferencing. You can check the drone scene video from multiple locations in real time, enabling quick decision-making between stakeholders.

Connect drone acquisition information in real time by connecting the site to offices and response headquarters via the cloud

A camera zoom function is also included in the commercial drone body included in the VRJ solution. Optical digital 60 is possible to zoom up times. This makes it possible to monitor from a remote location with the zoom function even in places where it is difficult to approach due to the effects of electromagnetic waves such as radio towers, or where there are many obstacles and the drone cannot approach the subject.

Full support for “drone utilization”

It is said that the use of drones is now developing, and that laws relating to drones are expected to improve in the future. By adopting this solution, we will provide you with the latest information on the laws you need to know when using drones, maintenance of drones, pilot training, insurance, and complete support for introduction and operation. Please consider VRJ solutions for business innovation using drones .

Utilization of drones in local governments (prefectures, municipalities)

In recent years, local governments and companies have been paying attention to various initiatives using drones. It is effective in various situations, such as countermeasures for disasters and salvage, improvement of safety in periodic inspection of bridges and other facilities, and reduction of human costs.