Can I try the services for free before signing up?

You can try them out with a free trial account. Just apply via our Inquiry form.


I’ve lost my ID (or password). What should I do?

Contact our Support Center:


Retrieving ID or password

You can retrieve your ID. If you have lost your password, a new one can be issued.
Note: The password used up to that point then becomes unusable. If your company shares passwords, first check with others.


Applying to retrieve ID or password

Retrieving a login ID or issuing a new password requires confirmation with customer information on file. When you call or mail us, please supply the following information from your original application.


Necessary items

  • Company Name

  • Contact’s e-mail address on application

  • Services used

  • Login ID (Mandatory for reissuing password)

  • Contracted plan

  • Name of contact on application

Can I access the services via E-MOBILE and other data communications cards?

Yes, it is possible. Operation is not guaranteed, however, because E-MOBILE and other services providing bidirectional communications in wireless environments are prone to intermittent disconnections. Data communications cards can also be difficult to use due to poor reception and other factors.

Too low an internet speed sometimes produces delays, interruption of audio, distortion of video, and other issues.
V-CUBE Meeting, V-CUBE Sales & Support, and other components provide a slow connection mode, a video bandwidth setting, and other facilities for alleviating them somewhat.

V-CUBE Meeting also provides audio priority mode for limiting meetings to audio alone.


Do you support connections via firewalls—a reverse proxy or network address translation, for example?

Yes. Certain proxy types, however, introduce delays in the video and audio. Allowing the proxy to access our servers can improve communications. Contact us for details.

Customer Support Center:

What equipment does V-CUBE Sales & Support require?


Company staff require a computer connected to the Internet and a web camera.


The customer requires only a computer connected to the Internet. (For telephone-like operation)
Replacing the telephone with V-CUBE Sales & Support requires that both sides have either a headset of a combination of speakers and an echo canceling microphone.


What documents can I upload to the Whiteboard?

The upload limit is 20 MB per file—5 MB for image files. There is also a limit of 100 pages per file. Files exceeding either limit must be split for uploading.
Note: Size limits: 20 MB per file for MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and PDF files; 5 MB for JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, Bitmap, and TIFF files
Note: Video files and PowerPoint animations are NOT supported.

Why did my video post from a mobile phone fail to upload?

Have you reconfigured the Poster Limitations? Posting from a mobile phone only works if they enable posting for its e-mail address.

  1. Log in.

  2. Navigate to My Page > Modify settings (Modify mobile phone video settings)

  3. Add the mobile phone’s e-mail address under Poster Limitations.

Note that mistyping the e-mail address will prevent posting.


What video formats are supported?

The following formats are supported:

  • ASF

  • AVI

  • FLV

  • WAV

  • QuickTime

  • 3GPP

  • MPEG-1

  • MPEG-2

  • MPEG-4

  • WMV (Windows Media Video)

Note 1: Uploads fail for these supported formats if the video data consists of only the audio or video portion.
Note 2: Uploads sometimes fail for these supported formats because of the audio video codec used.Even if the upload succeeds, playback sometimes does not. Your only choice is to try re-encoding the data and uploading the new file.


What is the size limit for a video upload?

The video Post form has a limit of 150 MB per video. Your posts must not exceed this limit.
*Note: The batch uploader permits the uploading of multiple files up to a total of 1 GB. (It must be installed first.)