drones in real time2

Capture and utilize video from drones in real time

Check drone images from various locations in real time

Attention has been focused on the use of small drone drones for business. One of the most prominent features of the drone is that it can be used in various applications because it can fly to a place where people can’t enter and high places with a relatively small casing, and can shoot and record video from that point in real time. Is being considered.

Especially when a disaster occurs, in order to grasp the situation at the disaster site, the drone flies to the disaster site and the images taken by the drone are confirmed on the site. Since then, the disaster countermeasures headquarters has been promoting the use of video and reviewing responses.

V-cube Co. , Ltd. , which has a track record in visual communication that distributes and shares video and audio to remote locations in real time, established V-Cube Robotics Japan Co. , Ltd. to provide solutions for transmitting drone video to other locations in real time. doing. By utilizing this solution, local governments and companies can grasp the situation at the site in real time at other bases, thus speeding up the situation assessment and review of countermeasures.

For details of the solution, how can I check the drone video in real time at multiple locations for “maintenance inspection” and “confirming the situation during a disaster”? please look at.

Use drone for disaster countermeasures and maintenance / inspection of water rescue equipment

In local governments and companies, in recent years, various efforts using “drones” have attracted attention. It is effective in various situations such as measures for disaster and marine rescue, improving safety in periodic inspections of equipment such as bridges, and reducing human costs.


  • I want to know the disaster situation in real time.

  • I want to quickly rescue and transport goods in the event of a disaster.

  • I want to carry out safe inspections even for facilities that are not easily accessible.

The drone solves these challenges in the following ways:

  • Real-time monitoring of situations without dispatching people to the site

  • Rescue and material transportation at disaster sites

  • Improve equipment inspection safety

Efficiently collect information at the time of a disaster and quickly take measures

When disasters such as river floods or landslides occur due to earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, etc., local governments, police, firefighting, and other organizations are required to collect information on the locations of disasters and examine and implement prompt measures. .

The real-time monitoring of drone images introduced in the previous section is effective for understanding the situation at the disaster site. Various information is gathered besides the drone image. It is possible to quickly respond to disasters by sharing the information with the related parties and efficiently examining and instructing necessary measures.

V-CUBE provides an emergency disaster solution that consolidates and shares information in the event of an emergency in an “electronic table” that aggregates information on the screens on the tables surrounded by the parties concerned .

The emergency disaster solution is a commercialization of the original specifications of the emergency response room introduced by government agencies such as the central government disaster prevention center, central and local fire departments, and major financial institutions. This is a centralized information management solution in the event of a disaster that is unlikely to be able to aggregate digital information in an analog sense.