Corona Virus2

How to deal with Corona Virus or an epidemic when dealing business

Business contact measures

* Protect yourself initially by wearing a mask and frequently washing your hands, refrain from gathering or meeting in crowded or crowded places.

  • In the event that it is necessary to contact a partner from an epidemic country, if possible, avoid using other means of communication, such as using a Web conference V-cube Meeting instead.
  • If it is unavoidable to meet a partner from an epidemic area, set up a meeting room specifically and avoid greeting by touching, such as holding hands during the meeting, wearing a face mask at the end. The meeting must clean the room by disinfecting every time.
  • Avoid raising, eating together with partners from countries, epidemics or gathering areas

* If traveling to a country with an epidemic area, special approval is required and upon returning, must accept the measures applicable to travelers returning from an epidemic area and must obtain a medical confirmation before returning work