Are you a teleconference?2

Are you a teleconference? Web conferencing? Recommendation of system selection by style

How to choose a web conference

Many companies have introduced Web conferencing, but when gathering voices from people who actually use it, the following four points are often raised as points to keep in mind.

1. Is it possible to achieve sufficient image quality and sound quality regardless of domestic or overseas?

If the sound or video is interrupted during a web conference, all participants feel stressed. This is also true for domestic connections, but I would like to be very careful especially when conducting web conferences with a long distance overseas . According to statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Japanese companies expanding into China is China, and it can be said that an important point of view is whether a stable environment can be created through communication with China. Especially in China, there is a great firewall called “Gold Shield” installed by the government, and the quality tends to be unstable. It is necessary to determine whether stable sound quality and image quality can be maintained, which are not easily influenced by national circumstances .

2. Will you support me when I need help?

Web conferencing offers many free tools, but generally we cannot receive support for troubleshooting. If you are unable to hold a meeting due to a problem, there is a risk that your work may be hindered. Among those provided by foreign-affiliated companies, even for a fee, support centers are set up in China and Singapore, and although the minimum Japanese language is understood, it takes time to understand the contents accurately. Also in case. I would like to make sure that you can get phone support 24/7 and that there is no problem with the response.

Also, because the sound quality and image quality are affected by the specifications of the installed device and the communication line, it may be difficult to hold a meeting in a high-quality environment if the camera performance and CPU / memory specifications of the smartphone are not so high. There is. 

3. Is communication encryption and account management thorough?

When using it in an enterprise, you will want to take security into consideration. In particular, encryption is a hot topic. Recently, there are some free tools that have been encrypted, but there are many that have not yet been fully secured. Also, from the perspective of security, whether account management including authority management is thorough, such as being able to delete the account information of retired employees properly based on authority, becomes important. Anyone can participate from the point of view of convenience, but it must also have a viewpoint that functions can be restricted based on authority.

4. Can it be connected to video conferencing and telephone conferencing, or can it be used for other purposes? 

In fact Web when introducing the conference, already introduced to that existing video conferencing and telephone conference you can connect with, will the discussion often of whether can also be used for purposes other than meeting. Also from the point of view of investment protection, etc. take advantage of the connection and other applications with the existing environment, fruit of the important point 1 is one. When you choose a Web conference, you will be asked whether it has an effective function that contributes to operational efficiency, not just connecting remote locations .

Features of V-CUBE Meeting provided by V-cube

What are the characteristics of V-CUBE’s “V-CUBE meeting” provided as one of the web conferencing solutions from the above viewpoint ? Let’s look back at its characteristics.

・ Safe and secure high quality

High-quality web conferencing solution with HD- compatible sound quality and image quality. It has been devised not to interrupt the conversation in a security-conscious environment, and can be used in an automatically optimized environment.

・ Simple interface

A simple button display provides an intuitive interface . The same interface is used regardless of the device, so even those who are not familiar with IT can easily use it.

・ Used overseas with dedicated lines connecting the world

A dedicated line for web conferencing is available for international communications, and it can be used in high-quality environments even when connected overseas . In addition, the multilingual application makes it possible for overseas employees to utilize the same web conferencing infrastructure.

・ Flexible mobile support

Dedicated apps are provided for each OS such as iOS and Android, so you can easily participate in meetings from mobile devices . While moving, you can also participate by voice from your smartphone and switch to a PC when you return to the office .

・ Easy sharing of materials required for meetings 

There is a document sharing function that allows you to talk while sharing PC screens and materials, so there is no need to print and distribute materials before the meeting. There are plenty of functions to make meetings more efficient, including easy sharing of Web screens.

 Participation with just a web browser is also possible

In order to be able to conduct web conferences even in environments where applications can not be installed ,It supports Web RTC technology that allows participation via a Web browser . Although there are quality restrictions,if you havea web browser, youcan participate in web conferences.

・ Translation function is standard

The real-time translation function is provided as a standard feature, where the content of speech is automatically converted into text and displayed in a translated state . Even if you can’t talk in a common language, you can make meetings smoothly while communicating.

・ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

In case of an emergency, we provide telephone support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call immediately from the web conference application you are using, and if you have any problems, you can immediately contact them on the spot.

What is the work style innovation solution “V-CUBE One”?

“ V-CUBE Meeting” is a web conferencing solution originally provided in a license called “ V-CUBE One ” . This V-CUBE One is not only for meetings but also for web seminars.Realize paperless meetings, including V-CUBE Seminar“V-CUBE Document ”, “Sales Support for Supporting Negotiations and Contact Operations from Remote Locations”“V-CUBE Sales & Support ” and business chat function “ V-CUBE Gate ” thatcan be used safely by corporations are alsoincluded. The license is designed so that it can be used for purposes other than Web conferencing, and it isa work style innovation solution that is completely different from Web conferencing solutions.