Adecco Ltd

Adecco Ltd. is the Japanese arm of the Adecco Group, a total human resources service provider headquartered in Switzerland. The Adecco Group has more than 5,500 offices in over 60 countries and regions, and connects 700,000 registered members and clients every day under their motto of ‘better work, better life’.

The Adecco Group not only provides services for every industry and job type with a variety of employment patterns but also solves a wide range of HR-related challenges and provides optimal solutions to optimise human resources and improve operational efficiency. The 2nd Special Customer Branch provides customer support on behalf of a leading communications group company (headquartered at Minato-ku, Tokyo).


The main purpose of implementing the Web conferencing system is to strengthen communication between staff. The company often undertake the same operations in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Web conferencing system, which enables meeting participants to talk face-to-face, is useful in sharing information and know-how to improve the quality of operation.

In addition, the company was sure that they could strengthen relationships between employees by realising an environment where employees who work at different offices can communicate easily with each other face-to-face.

  • Reduction in travelling time and expenses yet meetings between remote offices increased.

  • Communication between employees at different locations has improved and strengthened, it then led to more efficient operations and better quality of work.

  • Monthly meetings can be organised easily with remote offices at minimal cost.

  • Employees are able to attend internal trainings from different locations.

  • Candidates from different location can be interviewed by branch managers and regional managers.

Why V-CUBE Meeting?

The company especially valued usability when selecting the system. They believe that if it is difficult to stop using a system, this means the system that they are using is a good one. They were very impressed with V-CUBE Meeting in that the system log-in, shared document uploading and other functions are good enough for a discussion and it is very user friendly.

After trying out other service provider, they decided to go with V-CUBE Meeting because they know it is reliable based on its large market share, and they can use the web conferencing equipment which they already have for meetings without modifications, including the speakerphones.