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(Mr.) Peter Leong

Smooth communication with your local offices

We think that you company are setting up your branch offices in new countries and outside the capital city.
On the other hand, it is becoming difficult to invest expensive video conferencing systems in these new locations.

In our web conference system

  • No need to buy expensive equipment to use

  • a computer or smartphone

  • Participate in meetings from your desk or business trip

  • Low Cost

  • Share the documents such as PowerPoint and Excel

  • Can be connected to existing video conference system

For Directors’ meetings, Weekly and monthly regular meetings, Department meetings, Sales meetings, Etc.

Is there something like this …?

  1. Reserving a conference room with a TV conference system is cumbersome
  2. The conference room with the TV conference system is used for other meetings, so it is difficult to adjust the schedule
  3. Can’t participate in a sudden video conference on a business trip from a hotel or on the way
  4. Establish a new office, but don’t have the budget to introduce an expensive video conferencing system
  5. Want to meet more frequently, but you can only meet with the members once a month
  6. It’s hard to move for an interview
  7. The current TV conference system is an old model, so you are worried that the maintenance has run out.

V-CUBE Meeting solves your problems! !

Specialized for business use, it is possible to invite up to
50 people (50 locations) to participate in the conference from
a PC or Smartphone and hold a conference under
a High Security system.​​


The V-cube Box is a highly scalable conference system that can achieve Stable Connection regardless of domestic or overseas,with High image and sound quality.

In addition to Easy Operation with a simple remote control, Local support is also substantial, so you can use it with peace of mind.

[ Things to prepare for the web conference service ]

❑  Internet connection environment

❑  PC, Smartphone or Tablet

❑  Earphone microphone (if necessary)

Available Languages: Japanese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian