Minimize Latency

Average end-to-end global latency of 76ms

Agora’s algorithm monitors in real-time and chooses the

most efficient routing path automatically.

Go International

Nearly 100 distributed data centers across the globe.
Connect with users from over 200 countries and regions and counting

Ensure Quality User Experience

Resilient to packet loss, jitter and bad network conditions, the Agora.io network has over 100 data centers around the world and delivers a low-latency local connection, no matter where your customers are. The network’s dynamic packet routing ensures low latency and high reliability around town and across the globe.

24/7 Tracking & Monitoring

Get around internet bottles necks with smart, real-time routing

99% Reliability & Availability

High call-through rate

100% Encryption & Security

End-to-end data transferring secured by 256-bit encryption;

Supports HIPAA-compliant apps