The Checker2 is a tool used to check if the V-CUBE TV/Web conference system is operating normally in the client’s computer. Through automatic diagnosis of the network environment, and the camera and microphone settings, it checks if conditions are appropriate. It is simple to operate.

1. Booting up the software

Set the computer to the camera and
microphone (headset), and boot up the

2. Measurement

Click the ‘Start Checking’ button at the  bottom left corner.
Checking is done in the following order:  Control, Response Speed, Internet Speed.

3. Output of Results

The results of the measurement are  displayed in the following 6 steps, namely  [S] [A] [B] [C] [D] [F].
Usage is not possible when the display  indicates [F].


1. Get Ready a Computer that is connected to the Internet

Latest version of Flash Player is neededIt does not matter if your computer uses Windows or Mac, or if you are using a laptop or a desktop computer. All you need is to have a computer that is already hooked up to the Internet.

*This system may not function in older computers. Please refer to the operating environment for confirmation.indicates [F].

2. Install a camera to the computer

Web Camera and HeadsetInstall a commercial off-the-shelf headset (Web camera and microphone) to your computer.*This is not necessary if there is already a camera and microphone built into your computer.

3. Transition to the User Login Page

Please click the login button on the upper right-hand portion of this page.After clicking the “User Login” button on the upper right-hand portion of this homepage, please click the ’V-CUBE Meeting Version 4’ button.

4. Enter your User ID and Password

Enter your User ID and PasswordEnter your user ID and password, and click the login button.*This system may not function in older computers.
*A trial user ID and password will be issued.
You can obtain these from the Free Trial page.

5. Click ‘Enter Meeting Room’

Upon clicking “Enter Meeting Room”, the TV/Web conference system will start.Upon clicking the ’Enter Meeting Room’ button, a new browser window will be opened, and the TV/Web conference system will be started up. Enter your name used in the meeting room, and if your allow connection for your camera and microphone, the TV/Web conference system will start.