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Qumu’s Enterprise Video Platform Delivers More than You Can Imagine

​Gain insights to make better decisions about video experience by analyzing your real-time network and viewer engagement data and measuring the relative performance of your content.

Benefits of Qumu’s Enterprise Video Platform for Banking and Finance

The world’s most trusted and well-known brands rely on Qumu to deliver seamless video experiences that manage, secure and measure content.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with the various regulatory frameworks such as security mandates and PCI by providing complete audit trails, access controls, and retention policies.


Enhanced employee collaboration for your workforce with innovative video collaboration tools

Enterprise knowledge transferal

Streamline employee training, compliance, and efficient knowledge transfer.


Broadcasting market information, live events or townhalls across leading financial companies.

Live broadcasts

Live streaming and video distribution features to connect with investors and share financial reports, earnings calls, and investor presentations.

Secure sensitive content

Secure video content management solution that adheres to industry regulations and protecting the sensitive data of clients, customers, and employees.

Top brands use Qumu for enterprise video

With Qumu, high-performing companies are using interactive video content.

Best Use Cases for Qumu’s Enterprise Video Platform for Banking and Finance

Townhalls & Executive Communications

Share secured live communication and video on-demand for executive announcements and updates with remote teams and investors. 

Crisis Communications

Communicate quickly regarding policy and procedures during a crisis with secure live communication and track to ensure all employees involved are aware. 

Compliance Videos

Ensure, track, and record compliance training progress with a video enrichment (cc) option for multilingual teams.

Employee Onboarding & Knowledge Sharing

Provide easy access information in a secure manner to keep employees up to date with daily morning video briefings.

Customer Onboarding & Support

Enhance productivity and efficiency by delivering investment strategies advice through a dedicated viewer channel for customers to centralize content and facilitate access to accurate videos. 

Marketing – Customer Acquisition

Make impactful videos with video enrichment elements (chapters, CTA, subtitles translation) to present banking services and products through a centralized channel.

Transform Your Commercial Banks Dynamic Video Strategy with Qumu’s Advanced Platform


Protect critical financial information with heightened security features.


Stream content live or on-demand to internal and external audiences.


Gain valuable insights into usage and performance with advanced analytics capabilities.


Engage your customers with personalized, interactive video experiences.

Regulatory Requirements

Compliance management features to help banks meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the financial industry, including SOC II and FINRA.

Secure Your Communication with Confidence: How Qumu’s Security and Compliance Sets us Apart


Leverage disclaimers to ensure your viewers acknowledge your terms and conditions.

Access Control

Control your content at the user level or group level. Content creators can restrict content at the granular level, by location, department, external use, etc.


Keep your sensitive information confidential by including passwords in specific videos.

Qumu offers more than just video solutions; it provides end-to-end bank audit trail features, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and accountability of all video content. The platform makes it easy to monitor and track all video content, user activity, and system events to meet regulatory compliance with industry and government standards. This audit trail feature enables commercial banks to identify and investigate suspicious activities, monitor indicators of fraud, and protect sensitive information. Additionally, Qumu’s compliance management features help commercial banks meet stringent financial industry regulatory requirements such as SOC II and FINRA. Qumu is your partner in engaging customers and building trust in financial institutions, providing comprehensive solutions to meet all your video communication needs.