“V-CUBE Sales Plus” is a web conferencing tool for online sales only. Sales staff log in by entering their ID and password from the dedicated login screen.

Customers can start a deal immediately by entering a simple URL in their browser.

In addition, it is also possible to post a link to the customer-specific screen on the company’s website. Customers can easily participate by entering only 6 digits.

     What is Sales-Plus

          Sales-Plus solves these concerns…..

Can’t tell if I’m talking while looking at the same place in the document only by phone

Can’t grasp the customer’s facial expressions and nuances only by phone

Want to improve the efficiency of sales activities such as business negotiations with customers in remote areas

     Sales-Plus Features

       Your staff can easily start online negotiations/sales with sharing document

A leading company in the telemarketing business

“V-CUBE Sales-Plus” adopted as an online sales tool

A leading company in the field of telemarketing, which provides outsourcing, assessment and consulting for telemarketing, as well as MA consulting, MA outsourcing, CRM / SFA implementation support services, and other businesses. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market in October 2018.

The point of selecting the Sales-Plus for “online sales” is the cost advantage of “simple connection” and “low price“

“Inside sales,” which is a sales activity that uses non-face-to-face sales channels such as telephone and email and does not make real visits, is attracting attention. Bridge International is widely recognized as a leading company in the field of inside sales in Japan, with consulting services and education and training services that make use of know-how since its establishment. “V-CUBE Sales Plus” is a web conferencing system exclusively for online sales, which was selected by the company who knew inside sales while various tools appeared to support online sales that are highly compatible with inside sales. The deciding factors for the adoption were the ease of use and cost merit without burdening the customer.

“V-CUBE Sales Plus” solves these problem!

Start a business talk by entering a short URL that can be conveyed orally in the browser

You can easily hold a web conference for online sales because you can easily connect with the PC and browser that customers usually use.

You can connect easily by having the customer enter the short URL that can be conveyed orally, “vvv.sc/+6 digit number“, in the browser that they usually use. No need to install software on your PC or register a new ID.

Enables stress-free business negotiations by selectively using “videos and materials on a PC”

Starting with telephone communication, you can smoothly move to online sales while sharing materials.

Voice can be used as a stable call by using a telephone. Video and materials can be shared using the PC screen of “V-CUBE Sales Plus”, so it is possible to carry out sales activities comparable to face-to-face sales.

Remote mortgage consultation for approximately 600 stores nationwide

Achieves the same operational feel as cost reduction and face-to-face consultation

Call center services from sales offices that require specialized services

The products handled by banks are diversified and complex, and the number of cases in which specialized knowledge is required for business is increasing rapidly. “Mortgage” is one of those fields, but it is not easy to train full-time staff with specialized knowledge and assign it to all sales offices. Therefore, at Resona Holdings, they have established a system and a loan consultation system that allows operators at the headquarters to respond remotely through the video conference system installed at each sales office more than 10 years ago.

They adopted “V-CUBE Sales-Plus” in 2012 to replace this system. The introduction cost can be reduced, and terminals are now installed in all stores.

What are the points of V-CUBE Sales Plus selection?

Can you approach the same feeling as face-to-face consultation?

Based on the operability of the conventional system, improvements have been made so that the interface can be made comfortable for both customers and operators.

They respond flexibly to requests, such as using a handset to prevent sensitive consultation contents from being heard outside and operating peripheral devices remotely.

The use of “mortgages” has been favorable, and some stores are expanding the target fields to “trust” and “inheritance”.

How to use V-CUBE Sales Plus at Resona

Resona Bank has started a new store service featuring “3 less” of “paperless”, “cashless” and “backless”.

In addition to the conventional mortgage consultation, the Toyosu branch is conducting trial consultation using V-CUBE Sales-Plus in the fields of trust and inheritance.

■ Business content

Holding company of Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, and Kinki Osaka Bank.

In order to achieve “Retail No. 1”, in addition to a differentiation strategy that makes use of trust and real estate functions, etc., Develop new customer value through “realization of omni-channel concept” and “expansion of open platform” Are working on it.

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