Go Beyond Secure

With this service, you can set up video or web conferencing on a private server, swap logos and change designs. Here are some of the reasons why our clients consider the use of on-premises video/web conferencing:

  •   To set up a dedicated internal video/conferencing system

  •   To have a design more synonymous with corporate identity

  •   To protect sensitive information from inadvertently leaking

  •   Strict non-disclosure regulations

  •   Tight security policy that renders cloud service non-viable (prohibition of proxies)

  •   To synchronize video conferencing with an existing system while remaining compliant with security policy

…and other reasons where the enclosed environment of the intranet is preferable to cloud servers on the Internet.


  • Customizable logo, design and screen layout

  • Diverse functions

  • Service add-on

  • Smooth compliance to highly restrictive security policies

  • Comprehensive post-installation support with maintenance option

*A separate dedicated gateway is required for connections to mobile devices and H.323.