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Looking for a video conferencing tool? Why not try high-quality web conferencing (or web meeting as it is also known) instead? V-CUBE Meeting enables smooth online meetings with various parties located in places near and far. Send invites to people and have them easily join with just a simple click of a URL.

Paired with V-CUBE Box, it also makes for a very effective and high-quality video conferencing solution.

If you check any of the below, this is the web conferencing solution for you:

  •   Virtual communication between branch offices/locations (domestic or international)

  •   Business negotiations with prospects and clients

  •   Periodic meetings with partners and affiliates

  •   Sales presentations to potential clients

  •   Interactive training sessions

High quality cloud type web conference (web conference) service boasting HD compatible video and high connectivity

Expected effect

  • Accelerate decision-making

  • Activate communication

  • Significant reduction in travel time and cost

  • Efficient information sharing with business partners and external partners

  • Responding to diverse work styles

Web Conference (Videoconference) “V-CUBE Meeting” is a high-quality cloud type service boasting HD compatible video and high connectivity that can be used in various environments such as PC and mobile. 

It feels like a high image quality, high sound quality, stable connectivity, refined interface, stress as much as the video conference (video conference) system realized by newly adopting the world latest and highest level video and audio technology No maneuverability. 
As well as having the functions necessary for web conferencing, that “quality” is particular about it. 

The V-CUBE meeting changes daily conferences and brings tremendous benefits to various aspects of your business.

  • We compiled the advantages and disadvantages of each free web meeting, paid web conference, videoconferencing comparison point and comparison points in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Cost benefit

    We calculated cost merit such as cost reduction image by introducing Web conference.

  • Basic functions

    We summarized basic functions that can be used in the V – CUBE meeting.


  • Connection of up to 100 endpoints

  • All-in-one interface for easy navigation

  • Screen-sharing and indication

  • Auto calibration of image and sound based on connection quality

  • Interoperable with video and teleconferencing*

  • Mobile devices supported

  • Multi-lingual interface

  • Stable network environment (via Global Link**)

  • HD supported (H.264 SVC encoding, 720p image quality)

* This option enables video and audio streaming between V-CUBE Meeting and the Polycom HDX series. Supports both H.323 and SIP protocols.

**An option that comes with V-CUBE Meeting offering stable network environment via a dedicated international line.

Safe, safe, high quality

HD compatible video · Clear audio automatically adjusted, easy to connect, a number of contrivances that are difficult to sever. It is a standard for web conferencing (web conferencing) which is used because it is comfortable.

Easy operation with a simple interface

Easy to use by anyone with an easy-to-understand interface with the necessary minimum buttons.

Available from all over the world

It is possible to use it from anywhere in the world if there is an Internet connection environment. Multilingual support of services and English support are also substantial.

Multi-device compatible

With iOS / Android application, you can comfortably conduct web conference from smartphone, tablet · mobile terminal.

Used in browser (WebRTC)

It is compatible with WebRTC and can easily participate in conferences with browser only without installing dedicated application.

Share materials and PC screen

Since we can share materials and PC screens as well as video and audio, we can proceed lively while visualizing data and materials.

Real-time translation at foreign language conference

Even in web conferences in foreign languages, we will support the understanding of the content of foreign language conferences using the latest speech recognition technology and automatic translation technology.

Collaboration with video conference and telephone

Since it can connect with the video conference system “Polycom HDX” series, fixed telephone, mobile phone, conference is possible with the video conference system and the base without internet environment.

Multiple base · use in multiplayer

Conference can be held by participants from many bases in Japan and abroad as multiple people can confirm the expression while confirming the facial expression.


Flexible customization according to usage scene such as screen design, layout and cooperation with in-house application, also possible on-premise type service construction possible.

Always have the latest features available

Cloud-type service eliminates troublesome network configuration and maintenance. By logging in to the service, you can always use the latest web conference.

How our video conferencing tool works


No travelling

No cost for commute or accommodation


No travel time

Save time for efficiency

Web conference share No. 1 *

We have achieved No.1 * share for 11 consecutive years in the cloud market of Web conference . It is a brand that has been chosen by customers.

* Seed · Planning Co., Ltd. “2018 Video conference / Web conference latest market and the current state of cloud video communication”

High security

Certified as an ASP / SaaS information disclosure system. We are working on conservation of operations with a perfect system that is suitable for corporate use.

Thorough operation support

Perform preliminary check of network environment and resolve anxiety. We will also support the construction of an operation system tailored to customers.

24 Hours 365 days Support

Supported after deployment at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From questions on how to use, we will respond promptly to sudden troubles.

Various services available

With the license system “V – CUBE One”, V – CUBE services can be freely used according to purpose and purpose.

Vcube service selected by more than 5,000 companies

Free Trial and inquiries

What is Web conference (video conference / TV conference / video conference)?

Web conference (video conference / TV conference / video conference) is a system that enables communication with remote parties. 
It is possible to share a video and voice and carry out a conference full of realism that is similar to the face-to-face meeting. 
Videoconferencing (TV conference) systems and video conferencing systems require expensive dedicated devices (hardware) and dedicated lines, but the 
web conferencing system can be used immediately as long as there is a PC and internet line, a headset for talking I can do it.

* Seed · Planning Co., Ltd. “2018 Video conference / Web conference latest market and the current state of cloud video communication”