Affordable and Augmentable

Video conferencing systems are known for being high performance. To enjoy it, we as users are willing to put up with all the negatives that come with it such as hefty price tags, low versatility, a complicated setup process and difficult operation.

V-CUBE Box has all of a traditional system’s sophistication, and none of its limitations. So look no further if you’re looking for:-

  •   a video conferencing system that provides high quality image but at a cost that is low

  •   a video conferencing system that is hassle-free to set up and simple to operate

  •   something to maximize an existing video conferencing system by increasing the number of endpoints


  • All-in-one package

  • Simple operation

  • Connection to more than 100 endpoints without an MCU

  • Send meeting invites

  • Stable global communication

  • Compact size

  • High-quality image & enhanced specs

  • Screen-sharing and recording function*

  • Compatible with PC, smartphones & tablets*

  • Inter-operable with existing system*

  • *available only with subscription to V-CUBE One.

  • Save on cost

  • Versatile

  • Easy accessibility

  • Start meetings on time

  • Can be used even with limited technical knowledge

  • Better picture and sound quality than the average system

  • Smoother videoconferencing experience even across international borders

1 Easy connection

It can be used by simply connecting to an existing internet line

There is no need to prepare a leased line. 
You can use it by connecting to an existing internet line.


Stable connection under low-congestion environments

Since the video quality is automatically optimized according to the line bandwidth at the time of use, delay and disconnection can be avoided. 
In addition, we optimize for each site participating in the conference, so we can maximize the quality of each site.


Can be used with multiple devices

In addition to V-CUBE Box, conference participation is possible from PC, smartphone, tablet, videoconferencing etc. of other companies. Therefore, you can use it anywhere in the company, at home, on the go.


Support system to support ‘utilization of conference system in company’

Wide support of ‘Service Introduction / Introduction Team’ and ‘Installed Company Support Team’. “24 hour 365 day support call center”, we will accept inquiries directly from each user. As a result, inquiries from each user to the in-house system administrator are reduced.

It is possible to participate in a conference with a simple remote control in three steps

Since the number of buttons is small, you will not get lost. You can start a meeting smoothly in a short time.

Connectable with other company’s video conference system

Companies that have already adopted the video conference system can utilize the already installed assets, so it is possible to expand the system reasonably according to the expansion of the base.

Realize stable connection between international countries

You can use it comfortably even when attending a conference from abroad.

It is possible to connect multiple bases with 100 bases or more with no MCU required

It is unnecessary to have a multi-site connection device (MCU), which requires additional purchase when connecting to multiple bases at a video conference. As a result, it is not only possible to connect with multiple bases at low cost, maintenance of the MCU or support becomes unnecessary, so the operation load can be reduced.

Package Contents

We have packages suitable for conference rooms of various sizes. 
Please feel free to contact us.

Teleconference system body


Microphone / speaker

Remote controller

3 year hardware warranty

Web conference share No. 1 *

We have achieved No.1 * share for 11 consecutive years in the cloud market of Web conference . It is a brand that has been chosen by customers.

* Seed · Planning Co., Ltd. “2018 Video conference / Web conference latest market and the current state of cloud video communication”

High security

Certified as an ASP / SaaS information disclosure system. We are working on conservation of operations with a perfect system that is suitable for corporate use.

Thorough operation support

Perform preliminary check of network environment and resolve anxiety. We will also support the construction of an operation system tailored to customers.

More than 5,000 installations

There are more than 5,000 companies / organizations that have introduced VUICUBE services to date. Regardless of industry and company size, customers are using it in a wide range of business sites.

Box and how to connect Box / Mic and cable.

How to Schedule Meeting and Display Two Screens (Split between video and whiteboard)

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